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April 8, 2009

State Budgets vs Border Drug Mules

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The Arizona Sentinel
This morning on Fox , Brian did a bit on the cost of crime in our country,.. A fella from Kentucky was being interviewed.  He stated that 70 percent of the inmates in Kentucky. Are there due to drug related crimes, He went on to say that billions of dollars are being spent by all states due to drug related crimes. 
Is it just me or is one of the solutions to state budgets is quite elementary.  I know being simple is a problem for the state and federal governments.  So what’s the solution.
Seal the Dam border, now we know why the feds don’t want to seal the border, drugs are a major employment factor for the federal government.
So, To the States. Like I have been babbling about for years, You need to step up.  Secure your borders, Set up check points on all routes in and out of your states, Yes, your gonna get some flack, but so what, If Americans don’t want illegals, drug gangs, and all the rest, then they are going to have to send the message to the governors to seal their sovereign State borders.
 “Its elementary Watson”
Once we remove the drugs from the highways and byways, What do we do to empty the prisons of drug related criminals, That is simple to,.  First, give them all a passport. Second, offer them a release, with 250.00 Mexican Centavos.  Third, a coach class airline ticked to sunny Acapulco Mexico. Oh one more thing, We issue them a ticket to a drug party they will never forget, If they return to the US. If they get caught they are going straight hell with an injections of the drug of there choice until they are dead.
The next thing we do. Is pass legislation that says the following, First there will be no repeat offenders, It will be an automatic death sentence if they reenter the state that removed them in the first place.  There will be no lawyers assigned or available to a second offender. States will declare their sovereignty via the 10th Amendment. And no allow any intervention from the idiots in Washington.
States would be able to balance their budgets. Schools would become a save environment. Hospitals would be able to reopen their ER’s, and maternity wards.  Health care premiums would come down, because hospitals would no longer be fooling with drug related accidents, crime, or illegals making babies like rabbits.
I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.
Now, just a bit about this fella obama, this clown has embarrassed my country and myself as an American.  His babble while on foreign shores is proof that he has no roots in America.  I am going to pray every night, that he is forced out of office.  I wrote sometime ago, that I see a resignation in his future.  I believe that his own party will call for his resignation or they will impeach him for statements made on foreign lands that are anti American interests. We are a Jewdial Christian Nation. You sir will not succeed, Rush was right, your presidency will fail. Your foreign policy, your budget spending, your domestic policies are un American.  
Iowa, I hope you are watching his clown you put in the White House, Its clear now that obama in a member of the
“Idiots Out Wondering Around” Club.
Finally, sometime ago I was predicting that eventually we would be bulldozing these new empty homes in over built areas around the county,. I got word this morning that ,that is happening.
Also , I have been yakking about for years that these pensions and benifits we give to government employees has got to stop. Finally , this morning the discussion has begun. Ref .Stuart Varney on Fox Business News. This isssue is bankrupting cities , counties and states, and now finally states are looking to end the freebies to government employees on the back of taxpayers and business’s.  We are getting there. Eventually sanity returns to the table.  A major problem is early retirement by fire department employees then moving and going to work again at another FD and double dipping.  Taxpayers are finally getting a belly full of this nonsense.
This downturn in the economy is going to fix a lot of problems here in America.  I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
The Third Party Revolution has Begun
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Lets End all the Fuss at the Borders

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The Arizona Sentinel

For those of you that read my babble everyday your gonna think I’ve lost my fricking mind. Well maybe I have. I received an email this morning from a reader in the UK.  He told me that Americans were too wrapped up in borders,. That we should live like they do in Europe, go from country to country with no problems. Well its been 8 hours and Ive had time to put a thought or two together.

First, my right honorable friend let me explain our situation as compared to yours. First, Now that you are almost a member of the EU, when you do finally shake the hand of Brussels, you will be no longer a country , you will be a member state, subject to the rules and laws of men you’ve never met and would probably just as soon not. Your culture,your flag,and your status in the world of things will be gone forever. What you fail to remember is that here in America, we did much the same thing as you did in Europe,. We as sovereign countries signed on to hiarchy to find security. Its been two hundred years, but in that time , we had the American revolution, the war between the states, and now yes now  we have states that are creating legislation to rid ourselves of Washington. Millions of Americans would rather not be tied to their master in the District of Columbia. Because now just like before the United States was formed , our citizens have no security, our countries borders are wide open. We are right back where we started.  Our government has been taken over by traitors interested only in the purse and power. And as time goes on Brussels, just like Washington will give itself powers never intended by the framers of your binding documents.  England has seen what a Washington like power will ultimately do to Europe which is why I believe it will never become a member state. 
However taking your comment a bit further , my right honorable friend, I submit this. We currently have an invasion going on here in America as you know.
So lets do this,lets end all the fuss , lets eliminate all borders, between countries , states, counties, cities, and townships all around the world. Lets do away with all military,government,law enforcement, lets all be one happy family, lets all become one in the world.  Why lets even take the locks off our doors, let anyone in that wants, be able to go anywhere we want when ever. Oh,and my right honorable friend,  Im gonna be at your house for dinner tomorrow.  No need to lock our vehicles, why lets even leave the keys in all our vehicles, so we can just walk out and take off in any vehicle we like and go where ever the hell we please.
 Mexico are you listening, lets remove our borders with you. Of course you will have to remove your southern borders also,.  Mr. Calderon your job is over, because you have no country to support you. Dont you feel better Mr. Calderon all of your citizens can go north and no one will bother them. Folks from all over the world will flock to you beaches, your drug cartels will flourish. The country side will be beautiful with maryjo and poppy plants. It will be euphoric to live in such a world. You will be happy. The killings on the border will stop, the cartels will be able to move freely thru the entire Western Hemisphere. Hillary and Janets problems will be solved,. Of course we will no longer need them.  Man Im liking this deal, when can we start. And you sir will of course share your home, your wife and kids with all of those nice fellas from Guatemala and El Salvador, wont it be fun.

There is one catch my right honorable friend, before we remove Americas borders with Mexico , we will require that Mexico removes its borders with Guatemala, and Belize.
Perhaps my right honorable friend you could talk to Mr. Calderon.  We have tried but he dont listen so good.


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