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April 7, 2009

Its time for folks to step up!!

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The Arizona Sentinel
Today we are going to do something a little different. Our country, indeed the world is facing a dynamic transformation. We here in America over the past 20-30 years have been relying on the strength of certain leaders. But in the last two decades we have seen those strengths being pulled at, eroded, set aside for political correctness at the peril of America. So today we are going to pull a series of speeches from the web, from leaders that understood, that the only way we will protect our freedoms is thru strength. So I hope that you will take the time to watch and listen as these men and women send a message of peace thru strength.
Ronald Reagan understood, that if you want the respect of your neighbors, let them know that you will not tolerate aggression of any kind, and that if you attempt any form of aggression that aggression will be met with overwhelming force. The words coming from Obama on foreign shores, speak to an effort to weaken America in the eyes of our enemies. Its one thing to speak of our errors on American soil, but when you do that on foreign soil. You have put a cloud over your head, and that cloud is full of lightening. Beware Mr. Obama, you are treading on millions of Americans.
Over the past 30 years I have watched and listened to a man that fortunately for the world has reemerged on the world scene. Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu. He will be the leader that will ultimately prevent a nuclear war. Our current president is embarking on a path of reducing our strength. His recent deployment in Afghanistan is not much different from the bush evolvement in Iraq, He is spending our blood and treasure in a conflict that can have no positive results, History has never revealed a successful outcome in Afghanistan. We do not need troops on the ground in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a diversion.  We need them on the border with Mexico. For reasons that I have gone into before. In other words they are in Afganistan, because if they were not there would be no reason not to put them on the boreder with Mexico. That action would solve the violence in Mexico and the threats to America and its citizens.
Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out the crucial fact the truth about Islam. This is crucial, Islam has hated the West ever since the granting of Israel to the Jews. Islam hated the West long before it hated the Jews.  Remember that. That is why we have hundreds of thousands of OTMs, crossing the border with Mexico.
If America fails to pay attention to that issue and deal with those that are coming and those that are here we will see a cataclysmic event that will make 911 look like musical chairs.
During the Presidential Campaign of 08, One candidate stood out above all the rest in understanding the issue of sovereignty and peace thru strength. He understood what Reagan and Netanyahu had said and are saying still today with the help of the Internet.
This is your culture fight for it. This is your Flag pick it up. This is your country take it back”. Congressman Tom Tancredo
(This was taken from a blog site in the Sioux City Journal during the 2008 campaign for the Presidency.)
“Now that the truth in numbers has been revealed – MORE THAN 38 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are in this country – American citizens better wake up to the fact that the United States will no longer be a sovereign nation if any candidate OTHER than Tom Tancredo becomes president. Iowa’ns – now that nearly NINETY hospitals in California have closed due to bankruptcy, the illegal immigrant population is headed your direction, to your local hospitals, to receive their FREE healthcare services! You can thank your local meat-packing plants for opening this can of worms! ”  The media even Fox knows that the numbers are not 12 million they are now over 40. We are reaching our own critical mass here folks.
To the members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation. You need to leave the comforts of the capital.  Go down to the border and demand in fact stay there until your governor sends armed troops to take your place.  The message has been out there now for half a decade, its time for you to getter done.
The Third Party Movement is on the MOVE


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