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April 4, 2009

Thanks Mayor Gordon for being ?

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Well folks what many of us have been predicting over the past 6-8 years is happening.  A Vietnamese Immigrant, shot and killed 13 illegal aliens in New York.  Because he was sick and tired of seeing jobs evaporate while watching a government fail to secure his borders. You watch them they will blame the gun, not the policy.

So at this time I want to take a minute and personally thank Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon for being stupid.  His support of Racial groups like La Raza, Lulac, Muldef and others have finally reached a pinnacle point.  The recent so called investigation of the Maricopa Sheriffs department is a slap in the face of the best Sheriff in the United States. And his department is second to none.  How ever the troops that work for Sheriff Joe have had a belly full of Phil Gordon and his acts of treason.  See the video on our website,  titled, Deputies have had a belly full of Phil Gordon. 

On Thursday night Lou Dobbs did a bit on Sheriff Joe, in the bit he showed the tent city where these illegals are stored until the feds pick them up.  If you didn’t see it, we are going to try to find the video and post it on our web site, But here’s the thing.  When you look at that video, imagine those men in your community.  In your back yard, selling drugs to your kids, breaking into your homes, raping your daughters and wives. Killing Americans. Almost 70,000 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens.  thats more than we lost in Viet Nam.   So when you see the stress that is on
Sheriff Joes department, being accused of racial profiling.  Think about what they are up against. Think about what would be going thur your mind if you were a cop in AZ and had to walk up on a vehicle, knowing in your gut what might be inside waiting for you.  Its my hope that all of you will send this to everyone around the county. And tell them to go look at the videos on the web site.   its free.

Now, we need to launch another donation campaign for Sheriff Joe.  The feds, thru Obama, pelosi ,reid, imanual,kennedy,and others are pulling funds away from the 287G program.  That wont stop the Sheriff from doing his jobs. But he could certainly use some help.  So send what you can to :

 Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office 100 W. Washington, Ste 1900. Phoenix, AZ 85003   no matter where you are in the United States, Sheriff Joe is working to save your neighborhoods.  So get involved. You owe him and his department a major thanks.

The other day there was a hearing in congress and an idiot congressman, bought and paid for by LaRaza and others,  thinks that he can ,  force Sheriff Joe to stop enforcing the laws of the United States, this clowns name is Jerrold Nadler he is a congressman from the 8th district of New York, “figures,” over the years he has proven to be a baffoon.  By the time he was thru with his babble, I was ready to take a shotgun to the television.  Im going to try to find that video also. 

Im telling you folks the effort by the political elite to destroy America is now evident to most Americans. They are going to bankrupt the nation, destroy our sovereignty and render us to mire sheep.  Wait we are already sheepels.  So we must prepare and be ready. The County and Sheriffs departments all over the country are fully aware of the threats put on our country.  Some of the leaderships in those departments are flawed but you can rest assured that the troops in the field, have their heads on straight.  The Border Patrol and the National Guard will also stand up for America, The one group that could be a problem will be foreign troops or Blackwater.  If your not familiar with Blackwater  , I suggest you fix that.  It was announced to day that Blackwater corp is being escorted out of Iraq, They never should have been their in the first place,… bush’s private little army.



The Third Party is on the Move

The Truth Hurts, Try Personal Responsibility

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The Arizona Sentinel
Today is a sad day, yep I lost a reader today.. Must have touched a nerve.  I picked up 3 though and the web site is off the charts.
“What should we do next?  We should demand that all elected , appointed, or otherwise, government employees, take the same cut in pay that the rest of America is taking” I figure this is what did it.
Now Im gonna go into this in more detail ,to see if I can stir the pot some more,.. One of the major problems facing our country is all these unfunded liabilities. Namely Pensions and Health Care. 
Heres is where Im coming from.  I was a independent business man. I have no pension, no paid health care, noone is out there to look after my future,. Other than ME.  And that is fine. What I have a problem with is this,.. Why should my tax dollars fund someone else’s health care, or pension.
If you work for the government , local,city,county,state,federal. You should be responsible for your own health care, retirement pensions yourself, And lord knows your making enough money. Or you work for a company that is saddled with a union. I love ya , but I could care less about your health care, or your life style in retirement. Thats your responsibility.
And Im  gonna tell you that once I figured out that I was doing that , I fired everyone and structured my business so that I my income was reduced and that resulted in my tax liabilities being reduced dramatically.
Bottom line, I believe that we are headed for an major adjustment.
Now,. Another issue that is coming hard and fast is the Obama budget.  Obama thru Rohm Imanuel are taking the bush tax refund to heart and are going to try to buy off the middle class with a refund of their own. Bush used the refund to try to take the heat off the Republicans,we know how that worked. During the campaign , Obama, kept telling us that if you made less than $250,000.00 that you were going to not see your taxes increased , In fact I think your are going to get a
$400.00 refund sometime after April First. 
Why is he doing this.  Thats simple,.. The middle class is the largest segment of population in the U.S. And lets assume that half or more,(based on the election) are liberal Democrats or Republicans. He does not want them to rear up against this 3.4 trillion dollar budget that he the democrats and at least a couple of Republicans are going to vote for.  So to keep them quite he’s gonna buy them off with a check for $400.00. What a deal.!!
 Today someone sent me the numbers, showing the millions of dollars that have been sent to the school districts in the Phoenix area,.. The numbers are staggering.  If those kids knew what they’re leaders did to them when they were in school, they would tar and feather them.
A miss nomer thats out there to day is the what the liability of all Americans now owe with the current debt and the projected debt once the Obamas, death for America debt is added on. The number that they are using now is 43,000 dollars,… Thats wrong,. The real number is more in tune with $??????????????  and here is how i got there. Its simple, If you go to OMB and see how many Americans actually pay taxes, you will see that over 180 million have no tax liability. And if you think that all these illegal aliens are going to stop sending money to Calderon and start sending to the IRS , well your smokin sumtin.
Some stats:: 
                                  total filings                filings w no liab        percentage with no liab.





So assuming that the numbers of filers would be the same today,(in fact there are fewer) ,your homework assignment is this. Our current debt thanks to bush and Obama is bumping 20 trillion dollars if the democrats pass obama budget  so do the math and determine for your self how much , you as a taxpayer will owe China and lord only knows who else.
So who ever comes up with the number will get a gold star!!! And we will put that info on the web site and send it to Glen Beck hopefully he will make some noise with it.

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