The Arizona Sentinel

April 1, 2009


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The Arizona Sentinel

The Media in America is about to see some major changes. And in my view its about time.  And here is how I got there. Simple Advertising.  Advertisers are leaving the mainstream media, for a couple of reasons,. First the Internet, the majority of Americans are getting their news from three sources, cable TV,satilite radio and the Internet.  Why is that , well its because the so called mainstream media is bogus,filtered and in a nut shell Anti American. 

Here is just another example,.  The killer of Chandra Levy , turns out to be a illegal alien mexican. But the only new media refering to this wetback for what he is and what he did are the cable news channels like FOX NEWS and Lou DOBBS.  

The good news is that CBS stock is tanking and if it looses a couple more dollars in stock value, it will be bordering on junk status.  The rest have no credibility and nobody is watching them or listening to them.  The New York times had to borrow money from a rich Mexican to keep the doors open for a little while longer,. But the clock it ticking.

The country is going thru a long and overdue house cleaning.  The longer this goes on,. The more the government tries to meddle in domestic policy the worse they will make it.  Personally I can see the government coming apart at the seems,.. I can see fist fights on the house floor,  I can see Senators shooting paper wads at each other.  I can see Bob Byrd spinning his straw hat on his cane while spouting reasons to send more concrete to  West Virgina.

Prediction, in 12 months , the three networks, CBS,NBC,ABC will be bankrupt and will be looking for a bailout,. Newpapers all over the country are closing their doors,  Rocky Mountain News, a socialist rag in Colorado is gone.  And another in California closed its doors this week.   Not sure what the status of the Arizona Republic is, Ive never bought one.

Problems are already showing up in Barrys government. Treasury Secretary Geitner cant find anyone that wants to work for him or the administration.  So my guess is Geitner and Obama will be looking for an escape hatch by the end of the year. I can see a situation where Obama resigns, Biden quits because he cant find the number to the white house web site.  Hillary steps up and becomes President,.  What a country.

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