The Arizona Sentinel

March 31, 2009

Mr. Obama Put the Guard on the Border,NOW!!

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The Arizona Sentinel

Good morning America,. This morning we need for all to write to the White House and pressure the President to put the National Guard on the Border,.  The violence on the border is being generated because the travel routes are being restricted due to the fence. As Ive written before , the trails previously used by the cartels are owned by individual cartels.  Not enough noise is being made over this fact.  Another issue here is the money laundering used by the cartels to fund the start up capital for illegals to start business in the U.S.  Because of the economy , county and state governments are not doing their jobs to shut this activity down.  And they are afraid of these people,.. You can be assured that if county and state licenses are refused, the cartels will start chopping off the heads of county department heads.  These criminals have an agenda and they are dead (pun intended) serious.  We must shut down the border.

However, there is not enough fence, so we still have trails out there being used with no government interference as shown in the videos in this link.

Notice the back packs.  In those back packs are drugs, change of clothes before pickup.  I am going to post pictures of what is called layup areas,.. Those areas are where, they ditch their walking clothes , back packs, and their drugs are traded for cash to move about the country.  Mr. Obama this activity can be stopped , but you need to get down on the border and talk to the civilian population that deal with this issue day to day.  I suggest that you visit personally with Rodger Barnett,  and others, call him. 

Another issue that you are being lead astray on is the gun issue,. The majority of the guns used on by the cartels are coming from other countries, not America,..  If you doubt this , make the Mexicans send you the serial numbers of the weapons confiscated for verification.  You are taking aggressive actions on the border , but they need to be stepped up.  The reason Calderon does not want to militarize the border is two fold. First he wants the money that continues to be sent back to Mexico to continue. Second Mexicans had a agenda to take control of the 5 southwestern states, now they have seen that they can do that so they are working on taking control of the entire country.

California is history, the fool they have for a governor is asking for a bailout due to his own failure to manage his borders, the e-verify program, and social services given to people that do not belong in the U.S.  If you fund this failure, you will see with in the next ten years , a state referendum by voters to return California to Mexico. Mark my words its coming,.. Arizona will be next.

So , Im going to ask everyone that gets this , to write to the White House and demand that we put troops on the border.  This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  This is a National Security issue… We must force these people to enter the country illegally from the air or sea, its easier to manage,.. There is simply to much land mass to cover 24/7. Build the San Diego fence all the way to Brownsville,.  Think of the jobs it would create.  And would have a long term benifit.

Get a load of this:  Russia is calling for a return to the Gold Standard,,. Ron Paul , Putin is listening!!!!!

I will have the pictures on the web site , sometime today for your viewing.



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