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March 30, 2009

Obama new CEO of GM

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The Arizona Sentinel
Maybe its just my optimistic spirit. But I see several bright spots on our horizon.  First, several members of the democrat party, this weekend told the Obama administration to tear up their budget proposal and start over. Obama is trillions of debt spending is seeing some blow back by his own party. 
Next we have, that is in Britain a fella that is making news, positive news, whenever he speaks.  His name is Daniel Hannan he is a member of the British Parliament.  I have placed a few of his videos on our web site.  Go and watch and pay attention.  When you are thru consider where we would be if we had similar leadership here in America.  Since we have now elected a President that wasn’t born here in America, maybe we could draft him to run in 2012.  Just a thought.
Related to Obama, I received an email this morning, that says that a Common Law Grand Jury in Georgia has indicted Obama, regarding his inability to prove that he was born in the U.S.  Similar Jury’s are forming in other states.  The Georgia AG has 40 days to respond.
This morning Obama outlined his plans for GM.  He forced the CEO to resign, by extortion I suspect.  You know, If you want the government to throw more worthless money at GM your gonna quit.  The only reason GM is failing is not because of GM or its products. GM is in trouble because of the Mortgage Industry and AIG credit default swaps, and securities that were sold all over the world, but were worthless. And union labor contracts.  In hearings in congress, the auto industry leaders failed to make that case.  However GM should have been looking ahead faster. What it should have done was close all US Plants, and told the unions that they would not be reopening unless their union mandated liabilities are eliminated.
In any event, GM will see bankruptcy, and the sooner the better.
However, the more the government involvement the longer the restructuring will take, causing more damage to the brand.
For those of you in the stock market, Have you noticed that whenever Obama speaks, the market tanks, even if he is going to speak before he says anything, the market drops, Only when he is flying around in AF 1, enroute to a television appearance does the market have a chance to improve.
Now. For some bad news, We are now over 6 million unemployed. That number will climb over the next three quarters. My estimate is that we will top out at 12-13 million unemployed Americans.  There is some effort among some banks and builders to do force building.  We have One plus million surplus empty homes, we have another 3.5 million foreclosure prone homes coming down the pike.  This is a government caused issue as we all know.  American business’s that are able to remain in business, are going to have to remove, the illegal aliens under their employ and hire true Americans, however for a lot less money than they are used to working for. Their previous wages and salaries were, generated by employee competition in a phony, hyped, economy. In other words we are gonna get real or more good paying jobs will leave the country.
The other good news is that the Ron Paul Economic message is spreading around the country and the world.  Just this morning on 
Washington Journal democrats were calling in complaining about the Obama plans to print trillions of worthless paper for distribution, trying to prop up a phony economy. See our web site for a video on Ron Paul in Prague. 
The states should payattention to what just happened to the CEO of GM.  If you take money from the federal government you now have them in your back pocket.  The federal government is inch by inch, assuming and taking more power in regulating states.  I can see a future where the states have no need for a house or senate,or a governor, only a Federal appointed state regulator will exist.  If congress allows the federal government to grow at the rate Obama is moving . He will assume state control before the end of his first term.  How will he do that, its simple, their failure to manage their budgets, over exploded state governments and employees,built on again a false economy.  In other words they are bankrupt and Obama will move in with a regulator, using bailout money as the vehicle.  You watch , its coming.

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