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March 29, 2009

We Are paying for the Bush McCain Kennedy Border Policy

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The Arizona Sentinel

This morning we are going to attack several issues, the economy,the border, and the escalation in Afghanistan.

But first,  as many of you know we now have a Blog site,  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site.  And we do not ask for money, or do we try to sell anything.  To those of you that are using it we appreciate it,.  It is spreading all over the world,. Just this morning I received a comment from Paris. Your comments or thoughts are welcome.

Now the Economy ,. this morning on Meet the Press,  Secretary Geitner was being grilled over his plans going forward. First, Geitners plan to bring private capital into the picture , in my view is flawed. First, the tax code and policies of Congress going forward are going to step up the exodus of good paying jobs from the country.  Resulting in a increase of Americans inability to pay for goods and services.  That issue is not being addressed.  Additionally the majority of Americans with debt.  If they have learned anything from our recent decline is that they must reduce there debt load. Mr. Geitner is trying to encourage banks and borrowers to return to their previous habits with some restraints.   Geitner believes that there are billions of private capital on the sidelines. Looking for investment.  First,  we must remember that the market has lost some four plus trillion of dollars just in the stock market alone ,retirement accounts  have declined 40-50% in value for most Americans.   Housing values have dropped in many sectors dropped as much as 40%. So In my view we are just getting real.  The false economy has ended. However , if he wants to force the economy to turn around,  giving money to banks will not solve the problem.  We have a tax code, the only way to turn this economy around is to remove tax burdens at every sector of the economy.  Based on his comments in hearings this past week, based on statements by congressional members , if I were thinking of starting a business before, especially if it had anything to do with manufacturing , I would either put it off , or look off shore. No way I would put up with the business intervention by county ,state and the federal government.

Some have suggested just giving every taxpayer a million dollars,.. Fact that would be cheaper than the proposal of the Administration.  If that could be done without borrowing any money I would vote for it.  But borrowing this stimulus money from off shore sources is bad policy. 

Geitner is having trouble getting people to work for him,.  They blame that problem on the vetting process.  But the real problem is the plan, everyone outside of the administration is opposed to the plan.  And they want no part of it.

Now about the border.  Myself and others warned the bush administration,and congress that if they did not secure the ports and borders that a sever problem would result.  Well now it has.  It was rewarding to hear our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say that our country was responsible for the violence and killings in Mexico and America.  In her attempt to remain politically correct she was pointing the finger of blame directly at herself, the bush administration, the mccain,kennedy,kyle amnesty bill, and I could go on and on.

I was in the aircraft business for 25 years, I watched this country pussy foot around with drug trafficking.  After Viet Nam, aircraft,boats were a popular vehicle for moving drugs.  America has never (in my life time) gotten serious about its constitutional requirement to secure this country. Over the past 15 years the cartels have taken advantage of that weakness.  The recent reports are that the cartels are now working in over 235 cities in the U.S.  We know that growers are working in our forests. We know that thousands of illegals caring small amounts of drugs, which pay there way to Harrisburg and New York City , are coming across the border everyday. 

My hats off to President Obama for taking some aggressive action with personnel on the border.  Spending money ,cash, is foolish, it will go to work against the mission , due to corruption.  Calderon and Bush and that idiot Fox are directly responsible for the current problems.  Fortunately the investigation of bush continues and eventually we will get to the conspiracy between the bush and mexican administrations.

Mr. Obama will before this is over send the Guard to the border, with AMMO.  The Fence will have to be finished.  Fact , the fences that have been built are working,.  And here is why. You see the cartels, own specific travel routes.  And until these fences were constructed these travel routes were unrestricted,. Well, just like cattle if you want to direct their travel routes , build a dam fence.  So now what we have is a funneling affect of illegal aliens carrying those drugs.  What we , America needs to do is take advantage of those holes in the fence. The cartels are fighting each other over travel routes,.. And as for these gun laws that a few are wanting to attack,.. Seal the dam border, going and coming and you solve the hyped up issue of American guns going into mexico.  Fact , most of these guns are not coming from America, they are coming from China, Russia, Venezuela. these cartels have shipping contacts all over the world,.  Seal the dam border!!!!!!!  Some woman this morning on Fox  said that gun dealers along the border are making a killing selling guns.  Question, are they selling them to illegals with false documents, and where is the instant background check that is required.  Bottom line, I believe she was lying.  Gun dealers risk lossing their license if they sell to a illegals.  No one that I know is willing to do that.   Cris Wallace, Fox News,  should have called her on that issue.  

There are rumors that the Jihad camps now in America (38) that have been allowed to go unchallenged are working with the cartels in the distribution of drugs in America, which is one of the ways they are funding themselves.  These camps should be terminated.  Why the  feds dont take them out is beyond me.  These camps are the training ground for nothing less than terrorism. When the kidnappings move from Phoenix to the belt way maybe they will act.  This morning mccain said that the mexican violence has “a little bit” moved across the border.  Where in the hell has he been, the cops that have been killed all over America over the past 8 years,.  The rapes and murders that have taking place all over the country by illegals, he proposes electing more mexicans, to public office,  the guy is just plain stupid.  He will not recognize the agenda of Mexico and mexican groups here like La Raza , funded by taxpayers by the way.  McCain makes my blood boil.  He  says that in order to grow the republican party  we must bring in more mexicans.  If he is a leader in the Republican party , the party is doomed. When will he learn that its not about party , its about country.

Afghanistan:  that’s simple,  Russia tried and the Afghans kicked their butt,. No force in the history of man has  ever won a war in Afghanistan.  What Obama fails to recognize is that we are broke, we can not afford another Viet Nam, or Iraq,  both ill conceived and poorly managed.  What Obama needs to do is spend our blood and borrowed money on our borders, ports, and international terminals, and get serious.  We have 50 thousand troops in Germany, over 500 thousand world wide , attempting to be world cops,..  Bring them home Obama, shut down our bases in over 150 countries. Let countries stand on their own.  And send the United Nations to France, or some island in the South China Sea.  We work with Russia is space, why cant we work with them on the ground.   Bring them into Nato.


The G20 meetings, of the next week will be interesting.   The big question that will be addressed , stimulus, protectionism. I suspect alot of Criticism will be aimed at the United States.  the President of Brazil and the President of the EU have levied their criticism of White Blue Eyed Americans.  The question is do we accept the failures of our  government or do we make excuses and continue making bad policies.





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