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March 24, 2009

Geitner Repeats the AIG Problem

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The Arizona Sentinel
The Obama Geitner plan is working.  Americans are being hood winked into oblivion.  If you think the current situation is bad , just wait until we have a national debt of 20 trillion dollars.  America you have been put into bankruptcy. America is insolvent. The plan to destroy America has been in the works for decades.  And we are seeing the final phase. And here is how I got there.
The window of opportunity presented itself to Obama and Geitner and they are going to take advantage of it.  The Treasury secretary is going to follow the AIG model, to further the plan. They are going to buy up all these bad mortgages, bundle them and sell them to investors. But here is the kicker, they are also going to back those private party investments in those mortgages. In other words they ,the government is going to insure those investments.  Sound familiar, Credit Default Swaps.  The federal government is going to do exactly the same thing that AIG did to investors all over the world. Those mortgages will fail again, because employment in the United States is a long way from the bottom.  There are 1 million homes on the market today, yes housing was up yesterday, but those sales were due to foreclosures and long over due reduced prices. And 3.4 million more are sub prime subject to foreclosure. 
States, all are going to help socialize America, by taking this TALF money from Washington. States will continue to fail to cut spending, bowing to teachers unions and others.  We are headed for a very dark place. 
So what can we do.
Well let me tell you what Im seeing in my mail.
People are leaving the U.S. Costa Rica , Belize , and Panama, even Mexico and Brazil are attracting thousands of Americans,. Yesterday I learned of a Home Contractor in his 40s, that is moving to Costa Rica.  I believe that the actions being taken today by the Treasury, are going to create another exodus from America. Keep in mind what NAFTA has done to manufacturing and jobs in America. What if major banks like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others, moved off shore. Lets say they moved their corporate offices to say Bermuda, a non
JP Morgan , announced yesterday that as soon as they pay back the TARP money, (end of 09), They will be buying two Gulfstream 650’s, good for them.  Those aircraft will make it possible for commuting from their corporate offices in Bermuda to their branch banks around the world.  In other words they could leave New York City and operate much like UBS , United Bank of Scotland. Just a thought.
The next three years and ten months should finish us off.
The Federal Reserve’s actions sent billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign banks and bankers. While watching Geitner and Bernanke testify today, one could clearly see the panic in some of those members of the committee.  Its now obvious to those members that they screwed up, by listening to Paulson. Being loyal to a party or an incompetent president can destroy economy and a country. Government should have never gotten involved with the Bear Stearns , or AIG problems. They should have been allowed to fail.
April 15th is coming soon,. All Americans should send a letter to the IRS  and copy their Elected members of the house and senate informing them that they will be filing late. That we expect the treason of America cease and desist.
The good news today is that some 65 democrats have written Obamas AG and told him not to send anymore gun control legislation to the Congress,. We are trying to confirm that now.
Here is the question: Is there any question of how much better off we would be if we did not have to continually fight off, worry about , deal with the actions of governments, county ,state, or federal ?
Finally, according to Glen Beck, if you have a Ron Paul bumber sticker, or speak to the Constitution, or own a gun , then you are probably on a government watch lists.  This revelation just proves again, how screwed up Washington DC and State employees are.
One more point, Obama , is going to bail out California. California is a failed state,. California has become a state of Mexico. For American taxpayers to be wasting money in California should be opposed by all members of the House Appropriations Committee.
We should give it up and let it go. And remove their star from our flag.


If you wish to be removed from these mailings just send an email to and its done. Also if your getting these more than once let me know and I will fix it.

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