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March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Up Tick

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The Arizona Sentinel


The DJIA edged lower to touch 7,250 intraday on Friday, but near the close began to rally slightly, as expected, closing the week just above 7,275. The announcement of the Treasury plan to relieve banks of toxic debts via government leveraged privatization is expected to drive the DJIA back up over 7,500 despite the continuing overbought conditions of many SmarTrend(R) indicators. This morning the Dow was up 268 at last look.

The down side is still the 3.8 million homes on the market.  Houses median price fell 15% to $165,000.00  There was a bump in the Northeast sales up 5.2%.

The bottom line is that the Geitner plan of the Treasury buying up bad loans from banks is being received well on Wall Street.  Now congress must prevent Obama from spiting out any more deficit debt spending.

Stocks this morning were mostly gainers, for the first time in weeks,. Was 6500 the bottom? Probably not. 

Obama is being massaged into again rewarding failure ,. And the latest move to bail out California is going to create a long term systemic problem that will spread thru out the west. And here is how I got there.  Arneys, propensity to allow his borders to remain open will now created another sucking sound for illegals to migrate to California, Its interesting that , we now know that the government is spaying chemicals into the atmosphere to kill Americans while at the same time trying to increase the numbers of people living in America.  Pelosi and Feinstien both are all over this going green business wanting to save the environment.  While at the same time promoting millions of carbon pumpers, “illegal aliens” into there state not to mention the rest of the country.  The only logical explanation out there is that they want to rid the planet of humans.  A bit complicated but if you think it thru I think you will see the connections.   Watch this video and you decide:

   Or type this into your browser::::Chemtrails-Aerosol Crimes part 1 of 10

Another problem facing Geitner and Obama is that these government backed new loans is this.  Is this move going to create another false market like got us into this mess in the first place. The Government is going to set up another situation where these mortgages are again going to be bundled once again and sold off,. So we will just be going down the same road once again.
Final point.  The Fed needs to endorse a plan to encourage the states to cancel these mega bank charters.  These rewrites of mortgages needs to be done at local , state chartered bank, and credit unions. The underwriting , the servicing, from begining to end should be done at the origionating bank. Think of the jobs that would generate in local communities.  The good news is that Shelia Bair, Chairman of the FDIC , recognizes this issue and hopefully she will promote that agenda going forward.
What ever happens this week, one thing is certain, the democrats have got to kill the Obama Stimulus Plan.


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