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March 19, 2009

Fire Geitner, And let the banks fail

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The Arizona Sentinel

Over the last two days, one thing has become clear, Tim Geitner is not only a Tax Evader, he is also a liar,liar liar pants on fire,.. Obama , if you keep Geitner,on board , your presidential credibility will drop to ZERO. Tim Geitner is a ZERO.

In additon because of the lies put out there by Chris Dodd,  Dodd should be censored by the Senate and forced to resign from the senate.  He is a liar.  And has brought shame on the United States Senate.  Harry Ried , the dumbest member of the Senate, and its Majority Leader, DUH!! Must demand Dodds resignation.

Now. , Many of us who were worried about the election of Obama took the position that we were going to have to go thru 4 years of an obamaabomination administration.  What we are watching is the U.S. Government and this administration imploding.  Bush set the stage and Obama is keeping the ball rolling.  America is going to the bottom, and Obama , pelosi,reid, democrats and republicans are all going with it,..

The incopetance of the administration, members and their staffs is more evident than ever. Rom Imanual is looking like the fool that he is.  Ive maintained the postion that we were a year or two from complete national implosion.  I m of the opinion now that it could happen in the next couple of months or even a few weeks..  What will Americans do if their government comes unraveled.  Its going to be fun to watch all these folks that have been sitting on their fat asses, with their hand out,wanting the government to take care of them,. We are close folks,  I could be wrong, but I see a tsunamie coming. 

Now that Europe or the EU has told Obama that they are done with bailouts,. They have basically told Obama to get out and stay out,. They’re not interested.  Plus the AIG mess has intangled foreign banks and economies, . Which is why bush and paulson put up the TARP money , to keep us out of a war with the EU and China.  We are governed by a bunch of fools.  

Prediction: These problems will drive the murder suicide numbers thru the roof.

One more item:  The fix is simple,,, let them fail.

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