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March 8, 2009

Politicians make my hair hurt!

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The Arizona Sentinel
This morning on Meet the Press,  the talking heads were discussing the economy, what else? Half want more worthless paper thrown at the problem, making matter worse, the other half want the current stimulus plan shut down. 
One thing is for certain, More money is not the solution. The problem is really simple, First, our economy has had the wrong sector heading the nations economic stability. 
Until we seriously look at bringing back manufacturing production to the U.S. We will not turn this economy around. 
There is no possible way to come out of this financial problem if we expect housing to fix it. 
And unless we deal with the government mandates, unions, deficit spending, war mongering, politicians that bad mouth current bad policy, forgetting bad policy that they supported under previous administrations. 
Just imagine what would happen if Soretoro came out tomorrow morning and said, he was going to vacate Nafta,and Cafta.
Housing as a production sector took the place of the jobs lost due to the bush 41, clinton Nafta, followed by bush 43’s Cafta.
And the result was an over production of houses,and government meddling into the financing of that over production.
So will Barry do what is required, kill Nafta and Cafta, cut government spending, lower marginal tax rates across the board, create investment tax credits for business growth. Change the depreciation schedules for  commercial property, cut the federal gas tax in half. Send every dollar submitted to the federal government by the states , back to the states. Raise the standard deduction for individuals to ten thousand dollars.  I could go on and on. What would the result be .
 Confidence, Confidence.
And finally stop throwing elaborate parties at the White House every night,. At the rate Barry is going , my prediction, his presidency wont last a year. We just got rid of one liar in the white house, Americans wont tolerate another one. 
Ive said this before but its worth saying again,. Folks as long as we allow the government that we have to continue, We will continue to see the decline of what my generation calls values. 
The only way we can change this at the grassroots level in a timely fashion is to stop spending, The government thru its policies have bankrupted the country. Now the country must bankrupt the two political parties. We must destroy their capabilities to function, They are now fighting and screaming at each other, such as what happened the other day in the senate.
Stop driving, if you dont need it for day to day living, dont buy it , and if its made in China or Mexico, hold it up to the security cameras and put it back,.
Based on the responses that Im getting there is a lot of folks making major changes to their spending habits. 
Also my suggesting of moving accounts away from these failing national banks, back to local community banks seems to be resonating.  The life blood of any community is your local bank. When states allowed National bank charters to come into individual states, that is when the government, flawed housing financing programs started this mess that we are in. Get away from Chase,BofA,Citi, and move your accounts back to your hometown bank,. Let these mega banks fail under their own weight.

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