The Arizona Sentinel

March 6, 2009

America Losing its pazzas

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The Arizona Sentinel

I mentioned the other day that several of my readers had give it up and left the country. I never thought I would consider such a move. However I thought I would just for kicks look into the idea of bailing out. 

For years now I have become less and less enchanted with my country. Taxes,bought and paid for politicians, social engineering from the top down, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, that list never ends, and a society that cant mind its own business. Corrupt law enforcement. A government that wants to turn my country into a communistic state.  Lesbians and queers that want to be married in a church , Gods gotta be pulling his hair out. Christmas is tabbo, Easter omg , don’t mention Easter.  So I got to thinking maybe these folks are on to something.

I just spent the last two hours looking at options on the web,.  And so far I have found no less than a half a dozen countries, that at least from my reading , are countries that basically would leave me the hell alone.   They don’t have this dumb ass political system that we have all been taught was so great.  They don’t go out and stick their noses in other countries business,. They”re not ate up with drug crimes because the appetite for drugs is in America. 

Living in Arizona , it was no surprise when we moved here that it was screwed up politically. We recently thought we had a shot when we got nappy out of here , but it turns out this new governor Brewer likes raising taxes, rather than cutting spending,.  Get this I found one country were there are no property taxes, and another where if you buy or build a new home, there are no property taxes for 20 years, and then they don’t amount to a hill of beans,  hell in twenty years I’ll be in the home with McCain.

Government should be like a referee in a ball game, they are there but you hardly notice them. Frankly Im sick of the whole dam bunch of them.  You all can take this federal government and this Obama fella, or what ever his name is and put ’em where the sun don’t shine.

Its time to renew my passport!! Now I gotta talk to the wife?


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