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March 6, 2009

Another Down Day

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The Arizona Sentinel
Today the Dow bumped 6500.  The indicators tell this writer, that the downward trend will continue. The reason can be summed up in one word. Confidence.  No one out side of the White House inner circle sees any positive actions in this administrations agendas.  So , is the White House concerned , of course not, the White House , and the democrats are working to put the Government completely incharge of the the nations economy. I believe that socializing the economy is now on their radar screen.
The good news that came out today was the laying off of thousands of lawyers by some of the major litigation firms. Adding to the unemployment numbers that came out today of 651 thousand new filiers for Febuary Now at 8.1%. The question is what type of work will those lawyers attempt to find,… Convience stores are always looking for help,  just trying to help.
Health Care and the Government are the only sectors that are hiring.  And sooner than later the health care sector will be a government job, so then there will be only one sector hiring in the future.  So all you doctors and nurses and health care providers, need to go out and take your civil service test and get ahead of the rush. :::(((.  And for you doctors making over 250K per years, not to worry, about paying more income taxes, by the time Barry is thru with you ,you will be with the 95% of Americans getting a tax break.
We just hit 6489 ,, matching the level of the Dow in April of 1997.  Prediction., Before the first 100 days of Barrys administration is over, we will see 5500 -6000. And before his first year is up , we will be down below 5000.  What that means is a couple of things,. First, the stimulus that bush, followed by Barry will have proved to have failed the country and ultimately foreign economies will not seen any benifit. Second, the confidence of the American people will be completly destroyed, unemployment numbers will be at a 20 plus %.  It will be at that time that the Government will implode. States will be put into the position of severing their relationships with the fed. 
Looking back would things be different had we elected mccain, unfortunately no.  So get ready, its gonna get ugly out there.

Paulson Betrayal of America

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 Back-story: Henry Paulson has a long standing personal relationship with China’s leadership, as do the Clinton’s. The faltering US economy has been a major concern to global governments, particularly China. Outside of the obvious reasons for this concern, such as the rapid decline of their exports to us, China’s purchase of new Treasury securities (our ‘new’ debt) – not to mention the enormous potential capital loss due to even a minor shift in securities value (they already own $682 billion of them) – is of monumental concern. Two of their options are: stop buying Treasury securities (that allows the Fed to print the ‘government stimulus money’ – with the money our purchases from them have provided them with), and/or sell the securities they currently hold on the open market at a discount to cut their potential losses. As a result, China recently demanded value guarantees for their US securities, the result was Hillary’s recent visit to China: February 26, 2009 FEDS GRANT EMINENT DOMAIN AS COLLATERAL TO CHINA FOR U.S. DEBTS! Beijing, China — Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have just CONFIRMED to me that the United States of America has tendered to China a written agreement which grants to the People’s Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China’s continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves! The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China. This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to physically take — inside the USA — land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities – to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government. Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to “take” all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt. This is an unimaginable betrayal of every man, woman and child in the USA. An outrage worthy of violent overthrow. I am endeavoring to obtain images or copies of the actual document but in the interim, several different sources both in the US and in China have CONFIRMED this to me. More details as they become available. . . . . spread the word ASAP.

America Losing its pazzas

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The Arizona Sentinel

I mentioned the other day that several of my readers had give it up and left the country. I never thought I would consider such a move. However I thought I would just for kicks look into the idea of bailing out. 

For years now I have become less and less enchanted with my country. Taxes,bought and paid for politicians, social engineering from the top down, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, that list never ends, and a society that cant mind its own business. Corrupt law enforcement. A government that wants to turn my country into a communistic state.  Lesbians and queers that want to be married in a church , Gods gotta be pulling his hair out. Christmas is tabbo, Easter omg , don’t mention Easter.  So I got to thinking maybe these folks are on to something.

I just spent the last two hours looking at options on the web,.  And so far I have found no less than a half a dozen countries, that at least from my reading , are countries that basically would leave me the hell alone.   They don’t have this dumb ass political system that we have all been taught was so great.  They don’t go out and stick their noses in other countries business,. They”re not ate up with drug crimes because the appetite for drugs is in America. 

Living in Arizona , it was no surprise when we moved here that it was screwed up politically. We recently thought we had a shot when we got nappy out of here , but it turns out this new governor Brewer likes raising taxes, rather than cutting spending,.  Get this I found one country were there are no property taxes, and another where if you buy or build a new home, there are no property taxes for 20 years, and then they don’t amount to a hill of beans,  hell in twenty years I’ll be in the home with McCain.

Government should be like a referee in a ball game, they are there but you hardly notice them. Frankly Im sick of the whole dam bunch of them.  You all can take this federal government and this Obama fella, or what ever his name is and put ’em where the sun don’t shine.

Its time to renew my passport!! Now I gotta talk to the wife?


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