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March 4, 2009

Who Speaks for the Republicans,Micheal or Rush

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The Arizona Sentinel

A lot of noise has been made over Rush’s speech last Saturday at CPAC.  And the resulting question as to who speaks for the Republican party.  In my view if the Republican party is what it is supposed to be, then there is only one anwser.  Its Rush Limbaugh.  The only other speaker at saturdays event that spoke the truth was Ron Paul.   Ten years from now Americans are going to be banging their heads against the China wall , wishing they had listened to Ron during the 08 campaign.  He’s still putting out the right message but as I looked across the crowd saturday, I saw dozens of young empty headed blank looks on the faces of kids who had no idea what Ron was talking about.

On the other hand Rush is a great communicator. Rush is frustrated because he see’s the Republican brand being hijacked by left wing socialist Republicans that have infiltrated the party. From the Top of the Party like McCain to the bottom,like me. The Republican party has been buggy wipped into political correctness and there is no turning back.

We had two great candidates for the White House in 2008.  Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin. But the two socalled Conservative media types that could have moved their candidacies to the forefront, just wouldnt get behind them. I dont think I ever heard Rush even mention except in passing Ron Paul , and I know I never heard him mention Chuck Baldwin.  But then I dont get to hear Rush everyday either.

However then there was Glen Beck,,he did more harm to Ron Pauls campaign than help. Every time Beck had Ron on the set he (beck) would say something really stupid . Like on one occasion he said he ” was in love with him and wanted to french kiss him” .  The guy is a canididate for the white house and this clown want to french kiss him.  Ron Paul would have been better off never to have come on the Glen Beck Show.  As for Baldwin, Beck didnt do him any favors either, at least he never wanted to french kiss him.  We all figured that since Beck was on a CNN at the time , that he was trying to sabatoge both of their campaigns. Whatever he managed to getter done. 

The fact is in all of this , we now have this fella Soetoro some call him Obama,. Whatever his name is.  Beck , Rush and Lou are pulling their hair out over the direction this new administration is taking the country.  In my view all three of these tv celebs missed the mark and have no one to blame but them selves for not supporting one or both of these solid conservatives that were on the ballot. As for Hannity,, he totally missed the mark, pushing amnesty candidates like mccain and Huckabee.

So were do we go from here, . 

The folks that I really feel for are the Americans from ages 1 to 50. Because your shot at the American dream is being sent back into the dark ages.  And no one can blame Obama for that.  The Republicans out wandering around in the woods for the past 8 years,destroyed their brand, their idealogy has been blown apart by a idiot president,a party leadership that followed bush like a lap dog. And a group of Democrats that went along knowing that the policies would fail and the America people would give the Republicans the Boot.  One thing is for certain, I will bet there are a lot of Iowa conservative Democrats that are wishing they had looked the other way. 

So Rush, here is what you need to do , Get solidly behind the Constitution party,. Seek out and find the absolute solid Conservatives and run them in 2010 and 2012.  You sir are the only true media conservative voice in America.  Its your time,the time is now. Or America will never return to its Conservative roots.

Gordon Brown Britians PM showed up to day with his hand out.  Will Obama give up the U.S Presidency to become the President of the World?


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