The Arizona Sentinel

March 2, 2009

The Bush legacy continues with Obama

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The Arizona Sentinel

 Is there any doubt now that Soetoro,aka Obama will finish what bush put in motion. Does anyone recognize the same stubborn, Im smarter that you are trait in Barry that we saw in W. Bush’s misguided policies are continuing just like most of us figured they would regardless of who was elected. The Dow dropped below 6800 this morning. Banks and Corporations all over the country , announcing layoffs and suspension or drastic reductions of dividends for the foreseeable future. My prediction here is that the Dow will hit 5500 by mid summer. Obama shoved an additional 30 billion to AIG this morning. All that did was shovel more paper down a sink hole. The only good news this morning is that the dollar is up and why is that. Its because foreign currency investors around the world have confidence in only one country,. THE USA. What is it they know that we here at home do not. Thats simple,, America is the last country of hope. The problem though is this,. Obama is going to take advantage of the bush debt and drive America even deeper into the sinkhole. Both men have agendas, bush and obama have one common agenda. Open borders, and recently obama has proven by his cabinet appointments that he is intent on keeping the problems started by bush , in motion. Its my hope that obama keeps going in the apparent direction. I want this fight over the 2nd amendment guns and ammo to take place on my watch. If obama is allowed to continue his apparent fiscal policies and social engineering policies he will do to himself what bush managed to do to himself. The word on the street now is that bush is suicidal, he knows that he is facing congressional investigations that will ultimately lead to his conspiracy with mexico. Bush had an opportunity to be a great President. But he failed not only his country,but his family as well if the reports are true. Obama is following in the footsteps of bush. What Obama is doing to the economy is no less of a war than bush’s Iraq fiasco. Now here is the question. Do we have to stay here and put up with it. Well apparently not,. a friend of mine, recently left the country, I have received emails that have convinced me there is a country to move to. I will keep that to myself. The last thing I want is for a bunch of liberal , socialist American wantabes moving there and screwing up another country. Bottom line , the bush legacy will continue with Obama. The only way to stop the economic decline is to raise interest rates, and restrict the access to credit. The only reason the Dow has not dropped faster is because investors are needing time to absorb their loses. There are trillions of dollar losses still to be taken in the market. It will take at least another 18 months for those stock loses to be taken. When the market finds out that obama intends to remove the mortgage interest deduction. The market will implode. Considering all the facts ,  interest on second homes, or residential spec property, is suspect anyway.


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