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March 2, 2009

A letter to a County Assessor

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The Arizona Sentinel


 We received your letter of explanation of how property taxes are determined. In your first para, you state that the Property valuation is determined by the market,.. A couple of points. First,: the valuation determined by the market is a flawed method .Homes, do not appreciate,, they depreciate, they are no different than a commercial building, This is the fraud that has been shoved down the throats of Americans. Houses are machines and machines they wear out ,.If county and state government, and the real estate so called professionals had not sold this bill of goods to the public. Our economy would not be in the situation that we find ourselves today. That is a bill of goods that has been sold to the American public since property taxes were put in place. Second. The lending practices over the past 30 plus years, thanks to the CRA law. Has told people that wood improves with age and that they can put their future and retirements in their homes,. Well it was bad policy in 1977 and it has now showed it true colors. NPI. In your second paragraph you say that the Tax rate is set by each taxing jurisdiction. Schools, County, Colleges, and others, did you intentionally leave out these ridiculous fire districts. This system is exactly why property taxes are a scam, or a ponzi scheme. These taxing jurisdictions should be terminated. An example of waste and foolishness is these fire districts,,, this deal in Overgaard is a joke,. New Fire Department buildings and trucks , plus full time employees, just plan taxpayer theft. What it amounts to is nothing more than government mandated welfare. The good news is there is a fix in sight. All governments should be funded by tariffs or consumption taxes. Period. Let me give you some qualifiers. First , Ive been in Real Estate for over 40 years, residential and commercial. Plus for 30 years I was a Aircraft Dealer and Auto Dealership Dealer. Second, my wife for the last six years worked in title. During that time, we have seen , time after time, people leave Arizona because of property taxes,.. In three cases they even left the country. County governments , just like the fed, state and city. Have developed budgets on a false economy. Those budgets are unsustainable. The American taxpayers are finally realizing that as long as they have to pay taxes on their property , they do not own it. Just like we do not own our vehicles , because if we don’t buy these stupid tags we cant drive them. Well all of this is coming to a head and here is why. The federal government is borrowing money from folks that are about to demand payment. There are agreements thru the IMF that will allow those governments to take possession of so called private property , thru eminent domain, (another scam). I have the documents. You have two other problems in Navajo County , that have reared its head over time. First, the voters gave you 43 million of surplus dollars,. That money should have been redistributed to the people that paid it. Second, Property taxes have gone up since you got the money, where did it go. Third you are out there building buildings that we do not need. Fourth , Governments at all levels over the next 5-10 years are going to collapse under their own weight. Fifth, No one should be able to hold a elected position for more than one term. The situation in Navajo county is proof of that. Those of us that have created free enterprise over the past 50 years recognize that , the unions , governments , have sucked the life blood out of the American economy. Proof is the fact that the two industries, Aviation and Automobile manufacturing have or are leaving the country. Americans have figured that out,.. So they have stopped spending. Many of us that brought investment dollars to Arizona have removed those dollars from Arizona due to the actions of County and State actions and policies. I have suggested to many that have written that when they make the move , to be sure and tell the bank managers why they are moving their CD.s We moved here just before the fire, which was another failure by state and county governments. . I joined the Minutemen Organization to learn what is really going on down the border and how it would affect Arizona and America. I started a web site and a email list that has grown to over 1500 addresses here in AZ and around the country with a couple of hundred from out side our borders, . So On a daily basis I receive emails from friends regarding issues here in Navajo County the state and the nation. In short People are Pissed. At the waste , and abuse of taxpayer dollars. At last count, there were over 400 properties for sale in the Overgaard Area, that number will double over the next 18 months. You are no different than any other retiment community around the country,.. Your budgets are based on a over inflated housing market,. Its over. Department heads, Jurisditional heads and employees are overpaid,. Do I expect you to do anything about all this. No,. But I am. I have included this letter on my web site. .



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