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March 31, 2009

Mr. Obama Put the Guard on the Border,NOW!!

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Good morning America,. This morning we need for all to write to the White House and pressure the President to put the National Guard on the Border,.  The violence on the border is being generated because the travel routes are being restricted due to the fence. As Ive written before , the trails previously used by the cartels are owned by individual cartels.  Not enough noise is being made over this fact.  Another issue here is the money laundering used by the cartels to fund the start up capital for illegals to start business in the U.S.  Because of the economy , county and state governments are not doing their jobs to shut this activity down.  And they are afraid of these people,.. You can be assured that if county and state licenses are refused, the cartels will start chopping off the heads of county department heads.  These criminals have an agenda and they are dead (pun intended) serious.  We must shut down the border.

However, there is not enough fence, so we still have trails out there being used with no government interference as shown in the videos in this link.

Notice the back packs.  In those back packs are drugs, change of clothes before pickup.  I am going to post pictures of what is called layup areas,.. Those areas are where, they ditch their walking clothes , back packs, and their drugs are traded for cash to move about the country.  Mr. Obama this activity can be stopped , but you need to get down on the border and talk to the civilian population that deal with this issue day to day.  I suggest that you visit personally with Rodger Barnett,  and others, call him. 

Another issue that you are being lead astray on is the gun issue,. The majority of the guns used on by the cartels are coming from other countries, not America,..  If you doubt this , make the Mexicans send you the serial numbers of the weapons confiscated for verification.  You are taking aggressive actions on the border , but they need to be stepped up.  The reason Calderon does not want to militarize the border is two fold. First he wants the money that continues to be sent back to Mexico to continue. Second Mexicans had a agenda to take control of the 5 southwestern states, now they have seen that they can do that so they are working on taking control of the entire country.

California is history, the fool they have for a governor is asking for a bailout due to his own failure to manage his borders, the e-verify program, and social services given to people that do not belong in the U.S.  If you fund this failure, you will see with in the next ten years , a state referendum by voters to return California to Mexico. Mark my words its coming,.. Arizona will be next.

So , Im going to ask everyone that gets this , to write to the White House and demand that we put troops on the border.  This is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  This is a National Security issue… We must force these people to enter the country illegally from the air or sea, its easier to manage,.. There is simply to much land mass to cover 24/7. Build the San Diego fence all the way to Brownsville,.  Think of the jobs it would create.  And would have a long term benifit.

Get a load of this:  Russia is calling for a return to the Gold Standard,,. Ron Paul , Putin is listening!!!!!

I will have the pictures on the web site , sometime today for your viewing.



March 30, 2009

Obama new CEO of GM

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The Arizona Sentinel
Maybe its just my optimistic spirit. But I see several bright spots on our horizon.  First, several members of the democrat party, this weekend told the Obama administration to tear up their budget proposal and start over. Obama is trillions of debt spending is seeing some blow back by his own party. 
Next we have, that is in Britain a fella that is making news, positive news, whenever he speaks.  His name is Daniel Hannan he is a member of the British Parliament.  I have placed a few of his videos on our web site.  Go and watch and pay attention.  When you are thru consider where we would be if we had similar leadership here in America.  Since we have now elected a President that wasn’t born here in America, maybe we could draft him to run in 2012.  Just a thought.
Related to Obama, I received an email this morning, that says that a Common Law Grand Jury in Georgia has indicted Obama, regarding his inability to prove that he was born in the U.S.  Similar Jury’s are forming in other states.  The Georgia AG has 40 days to respond.
This morning Obama outlined his plans for GM.  He forced the CEO to resign, by extortion I suspect.  You know, If you want the government to throw more worthless money at GM your gonna quit.  The only reason GM is failing is not because of GM or its products. GM is in trouble because of the Mortgage Industry and AIG credit default swaps, and securities that were sold all over the world, but were worthless. And union labor contracts.  In hearings in congress, the auto industry leaders failed to make that case.  However GM should have been looking ahead faster. What it should have done was close all US Plants, and told the unions that they would not be reopening unless their union mandated liabilities are eliminated.
In any event, GM will see bankruptcy, and the sooner the better.
However, the more the government involvement the longer the restructuring will take, causing more damage to the brand.
For those of you in the stock market, Have you noticed that whenever Obama speaks, the market tanks, even if he is going to speak before he says anything, the market drops, Only when he is flying around in AF 1, enroute to a television appearance does the market have a chance to improve.
Now. For some bad news, We are now over 6 million unemployed. That number will climb over the next three quarters. My estimate is that we will top out at 12-13 million unemployed Americans.  There is some effort among some banks and builders to do force building.  We have One plus million surplus empty homes, we have another 3.5 million foreclosure prone homes coming down the pike.  This is a government caused issue as we all know.  American business’s that are able to remain in business, are going to have to remove, the illegal aliens under their employ and hire true Americans, however for a lot less money than they are used to working for. Their previous wages and salaries were, generated by employee competition in a phony, hyped, economy. In other words we are gonna get real or more good paying jobs will leave the country.
The other good news is that the Ron Paul Economic message is spreading around the country and the world.  Just this morning on 
Washington Journal democrats were calling in complaining about the Obama plans to print trillions of worthless paper for distribution, trying to prop up a phony economy. See our web site for a video on Ron Paul in Prague. 
The states should payattention to what just happened to the CEO of GM.  If you take money from the federal government you now have them in your back pocket.  The federal government is inch by inch, assuming and taking more power in regulating states.  I can see a future where the states have no need for a house or senate,or a governor, only a Federal appointed state regulator will exist.  If congress allows the federal government to grow at the rate Obama is moving . He will assume state control before the end of his first term.  How will he do that, its simple, their failure to manage their budgets, over exploded state governments and employees,built on again a false economy.  In other words they are bankrupt and Obama will move in with a regulator, using bailout money as the vehicle.  You watch , its coming.

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March 29, 2009

Hezbollah Smuggling Across the U.S. Mexican Border

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1. Hezbollah Smuggling Across U.S.-Mexican Border

America’s porous southern border is an entry point for more than Mexican cartels and their illegal drugs — the Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah has been smuggling drugs and people into the U.S. as well.

Hezbollah has long been involved in narcotics and human trafficking in South America, and is now using the same routes into the U.S. that the Mexican cartels use for smuggling, according to an exclusive report in The Washington Times.

The group relies on “the same criminal weapons smugglers, document traffickers, and transportation experts as the drug cartels,” said Michael Braun, who recently retired as assistant administrator and chief of operations at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

“They work together. They rely on the same shadow facilitators. One way or another, they are all connected,” he said. 

Hezbollah, which fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006, funds its operations in part from a large Lebanese Muslim diaspora, and some of that funding comes from criminal enterprises.

Salim Boughader Mucharrafille, a Mexican of Lebanese descent, was arrested in 2002 for smuggling 200 people, including Hezbollah supporters, into the U.S. He was sentenced last year to 60 years in a Mexican prison.

But the cross-border flow of drugs and people has intensified since the U.S. reduced access to the country by air and water following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And the drug wars between the cartels have claimed the lives of more than 8,000 people since January 2008, destabilizing Mexico along the border and prompting President Barack Obama to send additional agents there.

Adm. James Stavridis, commander of U.S. Southern Command, recently told a House committee that the connection between drug traffickers and “Islamic radical terrorism” is a growing threat to the U.S.

Braun said members of the Quds force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been operating in South America and “could be commanding and controlling Hezbollah’s criminal enterprises from there.”

And a senior U.S. defense official said that in addition to Hezbollah,
al-Qaida could also use the Mexican cartels’ trafficking routes to smuggle operatives into the U.S.

“The Mexican cartels have no loyalty to anyone,” another official told the Times. “They will willingly or unknowingly aid other nefarious groups’ [entry] into the U.S. through the routes they control. It has
already happened. That’s why the border is such a serious national security issue.”

Editor’s Note:


2. Archbishop: Catholics for Obama ‘Cooperated’ with Evil

A prominent archbishop said that Catholics who voted for Barack Obama in the presidential election engaged in “a form of cooperation” with evil because of Obama’s pro-choice stand.

And politicians who support abortion should not receive Holy Communion, according to American-born Archbishop Raymond Burke, who as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura is the head of the paper courts at the Vatican.

During an interview in Rome with Burke, Catholic activist Randall Terry — founder of the pro-life group Operation Rescue — asked the archbishop if a vote for Obama was a “type of cooperation with moral evil.”

The archbishop responded: “Well, the fact of the matter is, it is a form of cooperation because by voting we put a person in office. And people say, ‘What does my vote matter?’ Well, your vote is either a vote to put someone in office who will do what is right and just, or someone who won’t.

“And so if you, knowing that abortion is a grave crime against human life — is killing an innocent, defenseless human life — and you vote for the candidate who says that he intends to make that more available, you bear a responsibility. That is, you have cooperated in the election of this person into office, there’s no question about it.”

Regarding pro-abortion Catholics who receive Communion, Archbishop Burke told Terry that it falls under Canon 915, the Cybercast News Service’s CNSNews Web site reported. Canon Law governs the administration of the Catholic Church.

“The Canon is completely clear. It is not subject in my judgment to any other interpretations,” he said.

“When someone is publicly and obstinately in grave sin, we may not administer Holy Communion to the person . . . for two reasons: Number one, to prevent the person himself or herself from committing a sacrilege, and secondly, to protect the sanctity of the Holy Eucharist.”

Terry, who now heads the Society for Truth and Justice, asked if that applies to politicians who support abortion rights.

“Yes, for someone who in any way contributes in an active way to the murder of innocent defenseless infants in the womb — children in the womb — from the very inception of human life, this is the greatest of sins,” said Burke.

“And such a person, until he or she has reformed his or her life, should not approach to receive Holy Communion.”

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3. Specter Trails Badly in GOP Senate Race

Longtime Sen. Arlen Specter is facing a difficult challenge in his bid to win the Republican primary in 2010 — he trails former Congressman Pat Toomey by a significant margin, a new poll reveals.

A Quinnipiac University survey released on Wednesday shows Toomey with 41 percent of the vote and Specter with 27 percent, with the remainder undecided between the two.

Specter, who first took office in 1991 and is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, beat Toomey by less than 2 percentage points in the 2004 GOP primary. But 73 percent of Republicans in the poll say they still don’t know enough about Toomey to form a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him.

They do, however, have strong opinions about Specter.

“Pennsylvania Republicans are so unhappy with Sen. Specter’s vote for President Barack Obama’s stimulus package and so-called pork barrel spending that they are voting for a former congressman they hardly know,” said Clay Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Only 25 percent of Republican respondents said they approve of Specter’s vote for the stimulus package, and 70 percent disapprove.

But voters by a 50 percent to 37 percent margin say that the $161 million included in the stimulus package for Pennsylvania projects is “critically needed” rather than pork barrel spending that could be eliminated.

Specter was joined by Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins in backing the stimulus bill, and their votes provided Democrats with sufficient support to pass the measure.

“The role I had was providing a critical vote, and I understand that,” Specter told The Hill newspaper.

“But is that the reason why the Quinnipiac poll is a big problem for me? I think so.”

Some observers believe the recent announcement by Specter, the only Republican to back the Democrat’s “card check” labor bill two years ago, that he would not support the bill in the new Congress is an attempt to mend fences with conservative Republicans.

If the 2010 election were held today, 31 percent of voters would cast their ballot for Specter while 33 percent would vote for a Democratic challenger, with 35 percent undecided, according to the poll, which was conducted shortly before Specter’s announcement about the card check bill.

Overall, 45 percent of Pennsylvania voters do have a favorable opinion   of Specter, with 31 percent saying they have an unfavorable opinion. But 47 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion.

“Toomey came close last time and has strong conservative backing, but his challenge could be fractured if more Republicans crowd into the primary and split the anti-Specter vote,” Richards added.

“If Specter can get past the primary, the controversial veteran has a lot going for him in his bid for re-election, especially without a strong Democratic candidate on the horizon.

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4. CNBC’S Larry Kudlow Won’t Run for Senate

CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow has ended speculation that he would seek Sen. Christopher Dodd’s Senate seat in 2010 and announced that he will not run.

The host of “Kudlow & Company” told viewers on Tuesday: “Several weeks ago I was approached by the Republican Party to consider a run for the U.S. Senate in the great state of Connecticut. It was a flattering conversation and one that I thought about, but to me it was never really a serious proposition.

“This evening, I’m letting the world know that I am not running for the U.S. Senate, and here’s why: In my heart I know that I belong right here at CNBC. This is my love.”

Kudlow said he made his decision after reporters called CNBC and raised questions about conflicts that might arise if he was considering a campaign and remained on the air, according to The New York Times.

The liberal Web site Media Matters for America wrote to CNBC president Mark Hoffman questioning why he was permitted to comment on his show about Sen. Dodd.

Newsmax reported in early March that Kudlow had confirmed his interest in running as a Republican during an interview with Politico. He also met with U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to National Review.

“I’m thinking about it, that’s all I can say,” Kudlow declared at the time.

“It’s the kind of thing where I’m talking to friends, talking to strategists, talking to my wife, and praying on it.”

Sen. Dodd trailed former Republican Rep. Rob Simmons by a margin of 43 percent to 42 percent in a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

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5. Obama, Israel Differ Sharply on Iran

President Barack Obama’s recent overture to Iran constitutes a “sharp departure” from Israel’s position, the Jewish publication Forward observes.

On March 20, Obama issued a video greeting to the Iranian people and leadership stressing America’s commitment to resolve its differences with Iran through diplomacy.

“This process will not be advanced by threats,” he said. “We seek instead engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect.”

The overture “appeared to all but dismiss the possibility of military action,” and is contrary to the Israeli view that the threat of force should remain on the table when dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, according to Forward.

“This is a sharp departure from the Israeli position,” said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council.

“The president’s approach is that diplomacy cannot work if there is a constant military threat.”

The publication cites Israeli sources and media reports who say that Jerusalem insists any American diplomatic engagement with Iran be limited in time and coupled with tougher sanctions, lest Iran use a prolonged series of negotiations to further advance its nuclear program.

Israel delivered that message to the Obama administration during recent discussions, including a March 16 meeting in Washington between Israel Defense Forces chief-of-staff Gabi Ashkenazi and Dennis Ross, the State Department special adviser expected to coordinate diplomatic efforts.

In any case, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for the most part dismissed Obama’s overture. Addressing a mass gathering, he responded to Obama: “Have you stopped your unconditional support for the Zionist regime? What has changed?”

He did add, however, “We shall see and judge. You change, and we shall change as well.”

His speech was punctuated by the crowd’s usual chants of “Death to America.”

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6. Political Fundraising Hits Hard Times

Contributions to both the Democrats and Republicans have fallen sharply so far this year compared to previous post-election periods.

Democrats have suffered a decline in relatively small donations from the online donors who funded Barack Obama’s record-breaking $650 million fundraising effort, while Republicans are seeing a drop-off in contributions from big-ticket donors who backed Republicans during the George Bush presidency, The Washington Post reports.

Contributions from individuals to the six major party campaign committees — the Democratic and Republican national committees   and the four congressional campaign committees — have fallen to   $30.7 million in the first two months of this year. That’s a decline of nearly 40 percent from the almost $49 million in contributions in January and February of 2005, the most recent post-presidential-election period.

And campaign contributions have fallen by more than 26 percent from a similar period two years ago, Federal Election Commission filings show.

“Strategists cautioned that the drop-off may be only a temporary fundraising hiccup caused by ‘donor fatigue,’ but they worry that if the economy does not recover by early next year, their budgets for the 2010 campaign may have to be slashed,” The Post reported.

Republicans have been hit particularly hard following their defeat in November. The Republican National Committee has suffered a decline of about 50 percent in individual donations compared to early 2007, as has the National Republican Congressional Committee.

But Democrats have fared poorly as well. At the Democratic National Committee, contributions from individuals are down by a third this year compared to early 2007, and the party’s congressional committees have a combined debt of more than $26 million.

As the recession continues, “people who would traditionally write a larger check this early in the cycle aren’t feeling as flush as they were a year ago,” Democratic fundraiser Jay Dunn told The Post.

“People are helping, but not at the levels they have a year ago or two or four years ago.”

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7. We Heard . . .

THAT “Hardball” host Chris Matthews has signed a new long-term contract with the MSNBC cable network.

The deal is for at least four years, according to The New York Times. Financial terms were not divulged, but previous reports put his salary at around $5 million a year.

MSNBC President Phil Griffin told the Times the deal would ensure that Matthews would “be around to cover the next presidential election.”

Newsmax reported in November that Matthews was making preliminary inquiries about running in 2010 for the seat held by Republican Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. And a Rasmussen poll in December showed Matthews in a virtual dead heat against the incumbent.

But on Jan. 7, the Times reported that Matthews told his staffers he would not run for the Senate.

THAT former Congressman Tom Tancredo has invited House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to a speaking engagement so she can explain why she called immigration enforcement raids “un-American.”

Tancredo, a Colorado Republican and outspoken critic of illegal immigration who did not run for re-election last year, said: “If she believes that enforcing our immigration laws is ‘un-American,’ that tells us that a new round of immigration reform is pointless. Why pass new laws if Speaker Pelosi can decide which ones are to be enforced and which ones ignored?”

Pelosi recently said: “Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families? . . . I think it’s un-American.”

Tancredo invited Pelosi to speak in May at an event in Greeley, Colo., the site of a December 2006 raid on a meatpacking plant that resulted in more than 100 illegal immigrants being deported, the Denver Daily News reported.

Tancredo said, “What better place than Greeley and what better time than an economic recession for Pelosi to tell American workers that their jobs really belong to illegal aliens.”

THAT Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is using talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in his efforts to raise campaign cash.

In an e-mail sent to supporters on Wednesday, the Nevada Democrat — who faces re-election in 2010 — said the “Limbaugh-led Republican Party” is trying to “take me out,” the San Jose Mercury News reported.

Reid also said he’s facing off against a party that “takes its cues from right-wing radio.”

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We Are paying for the Bush McCain Kennedy Border Policy

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This morning we are going to attack several issues, the economy,the border, and the escalation in Afghanistan.

But first,  as many of you know we now have a Blog site,  We are constantly looking for ways to improve the site.  And we do not ask for money, or do we try to sell anything.  To those of you that are using it we appreciate it,.  It is spreading all over the world,. Just this morning I received a comment from Paris. Your comments or thoughts are welcome.

Now the Economy ,. this morning on Meet the Press,  Secretary Geitner was being grilled over his plans going forward. First, Geitners plan to bring private capital into the picture , in my view is flawed. First, the tax code and policies of Congress going forward are going to step up the exodus of good paying jobs from the country.  Resulting in a increase of Americans inability to pay for goods and services.  That issue is not being addressed.  Additionally the majority of Americans with debt.  If they have learned anything from our recent decline is that they must reduce there debt load. Mr. Geitner is trying to encourage banks and borrowers to return to their previous habits with some restraints.   Geitner believes that there are billions of private capital on the sidelines. Looking for investment.  First,  we must remember that the market has lost some four plus trillion of dollars just in the stock market alone ,retirement accounts  have declined 40-50% in value for most Americans.   Housing values have dropped in many sectors dropped as much as 40%. So In my view we are just getting real.  The false economy has ended. However , if he wants to force the economy to turn around,  giving money to banks will not solve the problem.  We have a tax code, the only way to turn this economy around is to remove tax burdens at every sector of the economy.  Based on his comments in hearings this past week, based on statements by congressional members , if I were thinking of starting a business before, especially if it had anything to do with manufacturing , I would either put it off , or look off shore. No way I would put up with the business intervention by county ,state and the federal government.

Some have suggested just giving every taxpayer a million dollars,.. Fact that would be cheaper than the proposal of the Administration.  If that could be done without borrowing any money I would vote for it.  But borrowing this stimulus money from off shore sources is bad policy. 

Geitner is having trouble getting people to work for him,.  They blame that problem on the vetting process.  But the real problem is the plan, everyone outside of the administration is opposed to the plan.  And they want no part of it.

Now about the border.  Myself and others warned the bush administration,and congress that if they did not secure the ports and borders that a sever problem would result.  Well now it has.  It was rewarding to hear our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say that our country was responsible for the violence and killings in Mexico and America.  In her attempt to remain politically correct she was pointing the finger of blame directly at herself, the bush administration, the mccain,kennedy,kyle amnesty bill, and I could go on and on.

I was in the aircraft business for 25 years, I watched this country pussy foot around with drug trafficking.  After Viet Nam, aircraft,boats were a popular vehicle for moving drugs.  America has never (in my life time) gotten serious about its constitutional requirement to secure this country. Over the past 15 years the cartels have taken advantage of that weakness.  The recent reports are that the cartels are now working in over 235 cities in the U.S.  We know that growers are working in our forests. We know that thousands of illegals caring small amounts of drugs, which pay there way to Harrisburg and New York City , are coming across the border everyday. 

My hats off to President Obama for taking some aggressive action with personnel on the border.  Spending money ,cash, is foolish, it will go to work against the mission , due to corruption.  Calderon and Bush and that idiot Fox are directly responsible for the current problems.  Fortunately the investigation of bush continues and eventually we will get to the conspiracy between the bush and mexican administrations.

Mr. Obama will before this is over send the Guard to the border, with AMMO.  The Fence will have to be finished.  Fact , the fences that have been built are working,.  And here is why. You see the cartels, own specific travel routes.  And until these fences were constructed these travel routes were unrestricted,. Well, just like cattle if you want to direct their travel routes , build a dam fence.  So now what we have is a funneling affect of illegal aliens carrying those drugs.  What we , America needs to do is take advantage of those holes in the fence. The cartels are fighting each other over travel routes,.. And as for these gun laws that a few are wanting to attack,.. Seal the dam border, going and coming and you solve the hyped up issue of American guns going into mexico.  Fact , most of these guns are not coming from America, they are coming from China, Russia, Venezuela. these cartels have shipping contacts all over the world,.  Seal the dam border!!!!!!!  Some woman this morning on Fox  said that gun dealers along the border are making a killing selling guns.  Question, are they selling them to illegals with false documents, and where is the instant background check that is required.  Bottom line, I believe she was lying.  Gun dealers risk lossing their license if they sell to a illegals.  No one that I know is willing to do that.   Cris Wallace, Fox News,  should have called her on that issue.  

There are rumors that the Jihad camps now in America (38) that have been allowed to go unchallenged are working with the cartels in the distribution of drugs in America, which is one of the ways they are funding themselves.  These camps should be terminated.  Why the  feds dont take them out is beyond me.  These camps are the training ground for nothing less than terrorism. When the kidnappings move from Phoenix to the belt way maybe they will act.  This morning mccain said that the mexican violence has “a little bit” moved across the border.  Where in the hell has he been, the cops that have been killed all over America over the past 8 years,.  The rapes and murders that have taking place all over the country by illegals, he proposes electing more mexicans, to public office,  the guy is just plain stupid.  He will not recognize the agenda of Mexico and mexican groups here like La Raza , funded by taxpayers by the way.  McCain makes my blood boil.  He  says that in order to grow the republican party  we must bring in more mexicans.  If he is a leader in the Republican party , the party is doomed. When will he learn that its not about party , its about country.

Afghanistan:  that’s simple,  Russia tried and the Afghans kicked their butt,. No force in the history of man has  ever won a war in Afghanistan.  What Obama fails to recognize is that we are broke, we can not afford another Viet Nam, or Iraq,  both ill conceived and poorly managed.  What Obama needs to do is spend our blood and borrowed money on our borders, ports, and international terminals, and get serious.  We have 50 thousand troops in Germany, over 500 thousand world wide , attempting to be world cops,..  Bring them home Obama, shut down our bases in over 150 countries. Let countries stand on their own.  And send the United Nations to France, or some island in the South China Sea.  We work with Russia is space, why cant we work with them on the ground.   Bring them into Nato.


The G20 meetings, of the next week will be interesting.   The big question that will be addressed , stimulus, protectionism. I suspect alot of Criticism will be aimed at the United States.  the President of Brazil and the President of the EU have levied their criticism of White Blue Eyed Americans.  The question is do we accept the failures of our  government or do we make excuses and continue making bad policies.





March 28, 2009

Pheonix Mass Grave Anwsers,Explanation

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Dear Bruce:

Please review the following e-mail in reference to the Arizona Veterans Cemetery in Phoenix.  I am thankful that Mark Graham (who is a dear friend) had the resolve to do his own research on this issue and did not just accept the hysteria that is being sent out to folks that buy into all the conspiracy theories.  Please feel free to share Mark’s research with others that may have a concern.



to those who CHOOSE not to do any actual research other than word of mouth and blog beleivers.

This is an email to address the craze going on about the article and radio spot by Alex Jones found at “Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens“.


This is just one of many hyped up and distorted conspiracy stories that is turning our attention away from the REAL situations and problems.  Look there are plenty of factual Conspiracy FACTS out there to be engaging our very precious time in than this crud that many are getting caught up in because it sounds good or because it is easy to call the bad guys bad.  There are many agent provocateurs that have been placed into the midst and believe it or not this has all become a CRAZE.  It is now cool to considered a “Conspiracy Theorist” and to believe in any “Conspiracy Story” that comes our way.  I am not out here to disprove Conspiracy, I am here to separate the Conspiracy FACTS from the Conspiracy CRAP.  There are many people that are jumping on this to take your money to buy into their blogs, their books and so on and most of them distort, hide, ignore or make up the sources because they know that most of everyone is not going to do any research on their own.  I have been studying the conspiracy for around 15 years now and it is very amazing how many people have “Woken Up”.  I would say that they have really just jumped on the bandwagon for the majority because most are relying on others to do the research for them and they consider their research as Google and conspiracy blogs.  These people are still asleep. 


I will attempt to help others see just a few companies that they can look into to see that what is being said about this PHOENIX CIVILIAN BODY DUMP is mere STANDARD PROCEDURE.


These are called Lawn Crypts.  This is VERY standard modern burial systems that were developed years ago, far beyond Sept. 11 2001 and have been used for a long time.


Company that installs these LAWN CRYPTS.  As you will see, many of the pictures date all the way back to 1998.  Most of the pictures show cemetery additions and builds that are far greater in size than the one in Phoenix that everyone is raving about.  One I personally counted to hold approx. 3168 easy.


The text from this site show that you can purchase lawn crypts that can hold up to 6 caskets.



The lawn crypt lots offer the best value in capacity along with the natural beauty of green areas.

Included in the Lawn Crypt package are:

• Plot.
• Concrete burial vault (for 2, 3, 4, or 6 caskets).
• Ossuary (Bones remains caskets) (optional).
• Bronze Memorial with vase.
• Lawn General Maintenance -First year.
• First internment service – weekend charge not included.


March 27, 2009

Citizens of Missouri Step UP

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Subject: FW: MIAC Report Scrapped — Missouri DPS Director Under Investigation
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 19:00:35 -0600

Great Job Folks!!


Subject: MIAC Report Scrapped — Missouri DPS Director Under Investigation
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 18:53:38 -0600



By Chuck Baldwin
March 27, 2009


Well, there is still hope for liberty after all! After multiple thousands of phone calls, emails, faxes, and other communications from outraged citizens, the State of Missouri has rescinded its controversial “militia” report. This proves the point I made in this column recently that the most effective way to fight an ever-encroaching federal leviathan is to focus on our individual states.


Let me review the events of the last few weeks so as to help readers familiarize themselves with this historic–and I do mean historic–episode.


On February 20, 2009, the State of Missouri, via its Department of Public Safety, issued what was called “MIAC Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement.” In this report, people who supported Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and yours truly were referenced as being connected to potentially dangerous “militia members.” But the inference did not stop there. People of conservative ideology were also identified in the State Police report as being potentially dangerous. People who held political opinions opposing abortion, illegal immigration, the New World Order, the North American Union, the Income Tax, the U.N., etc., were profiled in the MIAC report.


Interestingly enough, no left-leaning political ideologies were identified. No Islamic extremists. No environmental extremists. Only people holding “conservative” or “right-wing” philosophies were identified in the MIAC report.


The MIAC report was categorized as “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive,” meaning the report was intended for law enforcement personnel only. Fortunately, an unidentified (for obvious reasons) Missouri law enforcement officer, who was extremely disturbed by this report, sent a copy to nationally syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones. Of course, Jones immediately “blew the whistle” on the story. This was on March 11.


On March 14, the Columbia (Missouri) Daily Tribune ran a story on the subject, and on March 17, I wrote my first column about it. From that point, the story went viral.


Internet sites, radio talk show hosts, and bloggers all over America picked up the story, and thousands of outraged citizens began bombarding the appropriate officials in Missouri with protests. Even Fox News Channel talk show host Glenn Beck ran a feature on the story on Friday, March 20, and again on Monday, March 23. The Constitution Party issued a “Travel Advisory” for the State of Missouri, warning tourists and residents about the possibility of being profiled by State Police for such things as having bumper stickers with political statements on their vehicles, etc. All of this commotion was not lost on several Missouri State legislators and executive officers, either.


Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder called on Governor Jay Nixon (who had previously stood by and defended the MIAC report) to place Department of Public Safety Director John Britt on administrative leave pending an investigation into the report. In addition, several Missouri State legislators said they would introduce an amendment to the Department of Public Safety’s budget barring the agency from using “state or federal funds for political profiling.”


On March 23, DPS Director John Britt sent an apology letter to Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and me stating, “I have ordered that the offending report be edited so as to excise all reference to Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin and to any third-party political organizations.”


While Ron, Bob, and I appreciated the apology and retraction from Mr. Britt, the overriding offense of the report still lingered: namely, the report, with a very broad brush, linked people holding conservative political opinions to dangerous and violence-prone “militias,” which Missouri law enforcement personnel were instructed to be on guard against. Therefore, public outcry against the MIAC report continued, Mr. Britt’s apology notwithstanding.


Then, on Wednesday, March 25, the head of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Col. James F. Keathley, ordered the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) to “permanently cease distribution” of this abysmal report. Keathley said that neither he nor Britt had read the report before it was distributed.

Keathley also noted that the report was filled with numerous spelling and grammatical errors and did not cite any sources for its broad statements about “right-wing” militias. He further said that his department would now review how the MIAC distributes intelligence reports to police officers. He said the process “needs improvement.”


Dear readers, please take a bow! Because of tens of thousands of patriotic, freedom-loving Americans–including thousands of courageous Missourians–the long arm of totalitarianism was shortened just a bit.


This sordid story is truly an embarrassment to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State of Missouri. Governor Nixon, especially, is left with egg on his face for foolishly and stupidly standing behind the report, when he had either never read it, or, if he had, was just as guilty of political profiling as the ones who wrote the report.


Why DHS, you ask? Because the MIAC report is similar to several other reports currently circulating around various State police agencies courtesy of DHS-sponsored “Fusion Centers.” There is another side of this story that is even more sinister, however.


If we can continue to probe the details of the MIAC report, I am absolutely convinced we will find that this report actually originates with Morris Dees and his ultra-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center. And if my hunch (a very educated hunch, I might add) is correct, it means that the DHS and various State police agencies around the country are allowing a left-wing special interest group to use them to harass, intimidate, and profile people with conservative political opinions.


I would further proffer that those of us who are outraged by this event should not stop with the MIAC report being removed. While this is very good news, the fear and intimidation associated with those referenced in this report has already taken place. Are people opposed to abortion, illegal immigration, the Income Tax, the U.N., etc., now afraid to express their opinions publicly (especially in Missouri)? If so, this seems to me to be the basis for legal action, based on the abridgment of the First Amendment freedom of speech by a State (and perhaps federal) law enforcement agency.


There is yet another chilling question that must be answered: by saying Missouri State Police will “review” how MIAC distributes intelligence reports to police officers, does Col. Keathley mean that the State of Missouri’s law enforcement agencies will continue to promote similar reports, but simply make them “Classified”? In other words, will they (and other State police agencies around the country) simply employ greater secrecy when issuing such reports, but do nothing to change the content of future reports? Hopefully not, but we shall see.


With that said, here are the lessons all of us need to take to heart:


*Every police officer, deputy sheriff, and law enforcement officer in America who believes in constitutional government, individual liberty, and the Bill of Rights needs to be alert for any report that smacks of the MIAC report, and be willing to quickly “blow the whistle” on any such report they see.


*Lovers of freedom should be much encouraged to see what can happen when they are willing to stand up to their State governing officials as they see abridgements to their liberties taking place. I say again, the best way to fight these mushrooming despotic tendencies of government we seem to see everywhere is to focus on our State governments. Do you now see why I say that? Even if DHS was behind the MIAC report, it was the State of Missouri that had to implement it; and it was the State of Missouri that (under pressure) killed it.


See my column on this important subject here.


*Notice, too, that we did not need the major media to achieve this victory. We cut off this one branch of the tyranny tree without the help of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS (with the exception of Glenn Beck), or even the Drudge Report. Victory was achieved with the weapons of talk radio, syndicated Internet columns, Internet blogging, and word of mouth.



You see, folks, we can achieve victory without the major media. But we must stay focused and actively involved in our respective State governments. “We the people” are still the power of this country. And don’t let anyone deceive you into believing anything else. Therefore, take heart in knowing that your diligence convinced the State of Missouri to rescind its atrocious MIAC report. Now, don’t let it stop there. Let’s faithfully cut off the tentacles of tyranny wherever we find them. Amen?



P.S. To see a handy web page with much material relevant to the MIAC fiasco, go here.

P.P.S. Remember, we will be live-streaming my Sunday morning message again this Sunday, March 29, at approximately 10:30 am (Central Daylight Time). Use this url.


*If you appreciate this column and want to help me distribute these editorial opinions to an ever-growing audience, donations may now be made by credit card, check, or Money Order. Use this link.


© 2009 Chuck Baldwin – All Rights Reserved

This is a huge accomplishment by alternative media, their network supporters, and those directly offended by the MIAC report. A special thanks to Glenn Beck for his efforts to expose this tyranny, and above all…Alex Jones for his superb dedication to making right from wrong and exposing the MIAC report.
If you want to stop the hornets, you have to go after the nest. The nest are the numerous “Fusion Centers” that work tirelessly to counter what is right, while spreading lies and mis-information for public consumption, including their agents that visit local and nationwide forums to spread their venom, posing as loving supporters of the Obama Administration.
Dave Bertrand
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March 26, 2009

Change we can get behind

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The Arizona Sentinel
It is our premise that far too many of Bills, Acts and actions passed by our government fly in the face of the state and federal Constitutions.
In January 2009, Arizona U.S. Congressional Representative John Shadegg authored the Enumerated Powers Act (HR 450), a bill that all Americans need to get behind (text: – short video:
The central concept is that all legislation should include a clear statement that all provisions of the subject Act are being passed under what specific and enumerated constitutional authority. Our suggestion is that not only should this apply on a federal level, it should also be enacted at all levels of government. 
The basic premise is that any bill or administrative action to be enacted by members of an elected body (federal, state, county, etc.,) must pass a constitutionality test. This test should also apply to any Executive order by the Governor of a State or the President of the United States. This ‘constitutionality review’ would be automatically conducted by a board of constitutional judicial scholars, such as the State or Federal Supreme Court(s), the State Bar, or other appropriate non-partisan designate(s). The decision to concur with the constitutionality of the Act would require an unanimous opinion of the review board to the public, preferably after approval the Act but prior to enactment. Additionally, once put in place, the natural course of events would be to retroactively apply the principle to previously adopted legislation.
We need to find a state legislator or legislative/legal aide that will draft the language necessary to put it on the ballot for the next election.



March 25, 2009

Mr. Holder Heres your sign

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The Arizona Sentinel

Great News from Idaho, see below. More and more states are recognizing that the federal government is out of control and is posturing for negative events.  What the Federal government needs to recognize, is that unless they use foreign troops against Americans they will not succeed in any effort to lock up citizens in FEMA camps.  American troops will not attack Americans. If fact just the opposite is the case. Based on the actions of some 20 or more states so far it is obvious that the threat is real.  So if you think that you are the only one thinking about these issues, you are wrong. The Legal American Citizens are preparing. Did you ever imagine that the threat would be coming from your own government??

I salute the members of the Idaho house. States are our last hope of our nations survival. If states fail to step up, the nation will fall apart. States are sovereign, they should act like it.  States that accept Obama’s phoney stimulus are digging their own grave.


Source: The Spokesman Review

Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, today persuaded the Idaho House to vote 61-9 in favor of his legislation that would prevent the government from seizing guns in cases of “extreme emergency.”

HB 229 declares that during a such states including martial law, invasion or insurrection, “No government authority will have the right to come and pick up our arms and ammunition.”

Rep. Grant Burgoyne, D-Boise, spoke against the bill, saying no one ever expects to see an invasion or a declaration by the governor of martial law, but no one expected to see planes crashing into the World Trade Center either.

“We’re meddling here with one of the most fundamental and necessary powers, and I think we need to be very careful how we do that,” he told the House.

Nielsen responded, “I don’t see where we’re limiting the governor at all. In fact, I think it even helps him to know that he’s got the public out there in helping him to maintain law and order.”



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March 24, 2009

Geitner Repeats the AIG Problem

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The Arizona Sentinel
The Obama Geitner plan is working.  Americans are being hood winked into oblivion.  If you think the current situation is bad , just wait until we have a national debt of 20 trillion dollars.  America you have been put into bankruptcy. America is insolvent. The plan to destroy America has been in the works for decades.  And we are seeing the final phase. And here is how I got there.
The window of opportunity presented itself to Obama and Geitner and they are going to take advantage of it.  The Treasury secretary is going to follow the AIG model, to further the plan. They are going to buy up all these bad mortgages, bundle them and sell them to investors. But here is the kicker, they are also going to back those private party investments in those mortgages. In other words they ,the government is going to insure those investments.  Sound familiar, Credit Default Swaps.  The federal government is going to do exactly the same thing that AIG did to investors all over the world. Those mortgages will fail again, because employment in the United States is a long way from the bottom.  There are 1 million homes on the market today, yes housing was up yesterday, but those sales were due to foreclosures and long over due reduced prices. And 3.4 million more are sub prime subject to foreclosure. 
States, all are going to help socialize America, by taking this TALF money from Washington. States will continue to fail to cut spending, bowing to teachers unions and others.  We are headed for a very dark place. 
So what can we do.
Well let me tell you what Im seeing in my mail.
People are leaving the U.S. Costa Rica , Belize , and Panama, even Mexico and Brazil are attracting thousands of Americans,. Yesterday I learned of a Home Contractor in his 40s, that is moving to Costa Rica.  I believe that the actions being taken today by the Treasury, are going to create another exodus from America. Keep in mind what NAFTA has done to manufacturing and jobs in America. What if major banks like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others, moved off shore. Lets say they moved their corporate offices to say Bermuda, a non
JP Morgan , announced yesterday that as soon as they pay back the TARP money, (end of 09), They will be buying two Gulfstream 650’s, good for them.  Those aircraft will make it possible for commuting from their corporate offices in Bermuda to their branch banks around the world.  In other words they could leave New York City and operate much like UBS , United Bank of Scotland. Just a thought.
The next three years and ten months should finish us off.
The Federal Reserve’s actions sent billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign banks and bankers. While watching Geitner and Bernanke testify today, one could clearly see the panic in some of those members of the committee.  Its now obvious to those members that they screwed up, by listening to Paulson. Being loyal to a party or an incompetent president can destroy economy and a country. Government should have never gotten involved with the Bear Stearns , or AIG problems. They should have been allowed to fail.
April 15th is coming soon,. All Americans should send a letter to the IRS  and copy their Elected members of the house and senate informing them that they will be filing late. That we expect the treason of America cease and desist.
The good news today is that some 65 democrats have written Obamas AG and told him not to send anymore gun control legislation to the Congress,. We are trying to confirm that now.
Here is the question: Is there any question of how much better off we would be if we did not have to continually fight off, worry about , deal with the actions of governments, county ,state, or federal ?
Finally, according to Glen Beck, if you have a Ron Paul bumber sticker, or speak to the Constitution, or own a gun , then you are probably on a government watch lists.  This revelation just proves again, how screwed up Washington DC and State employees are.
One more point, Obama , is going to bail out California. California is a failed state,. California has become a state of Mexico. For American taxpayers to be wasting money in California should be opposed by all members of the House Appropriations Committee.
We should give it up and let it go. And remove their star from our flag.


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March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Up Tick

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The Arizona Sentinel


The DJIA edged lower to touch 7,250 intraday on Friday, but near the close began to rally slightly, as expected, closing the week just above 7,275. The announcement of the Treasury plan to relieve banks of toxic debts via government leveraged privatization is expected to drive the DJIA back up over 7,500 despite the continuing overbought conditions of many SmarTrend(R) indicators. This morning the Dow was up 268 at last look.

The down side is still the 3.8 million homes on the market.  Houses median price fell 15% to $165,000.00  There was a bump in the Northeast sales up 5.2%.

The bottom line is that the Geitner plan of the Treasury buying up bad loans from banks is being received well on Wall Street.  Now congress must prevent Obama from spiting out any more deficit debt spending.

Stocks this morning were mostly gainers, for the first time in weeks,. Was 6500 the bottom? Probably not. 

Obama is being massaged into again rewarding failure ,. And the latest move to bail out California is going to create a long term systemic problem that will spread thru out the west. And here is how I got there.  Arneys, propensity to allow his borders to remain open will now created another sucking sound for illegals to migrate to California, Its interesting that , we now know that the government is spaying chemicals into the atmosphere to kill Americans while at the same time trying to increase the numbers of people living in America.  Pelosi and Feinstien both are all over this going green business wanting to save the environment.  While at the same time promoting millions of carbon pumpers, “illegal aliens” into there state not to mention the rest of the country.  The only logical explanation out there is that they want to rid the planet of humans.  A bit complicated but if you think it thru I think you will see the connections.   Watch this video and you decide:

   Or type this into your browser::::Chemtrails-Aerosol Crimes part 1 of 10

Another problem facing Geitner and Obama is that these government backed new loans is this.  Is this move going to create another false market like got us into this mess in the first place. The Government is going to set up another situation where these mortgages are again going to be bundled once again and sold off,. So we will just be going down the same road once again.
Final point.  The Fed needs to endorse a plan to encourage the states to cancel these mega bank charters.  These rewrites of mortgages needs to be done at local , state chartered bank, and credit unions. The underwriting , the servicing, from begining to end should be done at the origionating bank. Think of the jobs that would generate in local communities.  The good news is that Shelia Bair, Chairman of the FDIC , recognizes this issue and hopefully she will promote that agenda going forward.
What ever happens this week, one thing is certain, the democrats have got to kill the Obama Stimulus Plan.


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March 19, 2009

Fire Geitner, And let the banks fail

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The Arizona Sentinel

Over the last two days, one thing has become clear, Tim Geitner is not only a Tax Evader, he is also a liar,liar liar pants on fire,.. Obama , if you keep Geitner,on board , your presidential credibility will drop to ZERO. Tim Geitner is a ZERO.

In additon because of the lies put out there by Chris Dodd,  Dodd should be censored by the Senate and forced to resign from the senate.  He is a liar.  And has brought shame on the United States Senate.  Harry Ried , the dumbest member of the Senate, and its Majority Leader, DUH!! Must demand Dodds resignation.

Now. , Many of us who were worried about the election of Obama took the position that we were going to have to go thru 4 years of an obamaabomination administration.  What we are watching is the U.S. Government and this administration imploding.  Bush set the stage and Obama is keeping the ball rolling.  America is going to the bottom, and Obama , pelosi,reid, democrats and republicans are all going with it,..

The incopetance of the administration, members and their staffs is more evident than ever. Rom Imanual is looking like the fool that he is.  Ive maintained the postion that we were a year or two from complete national implosion.  I m of the opinion now that it could happen in the next couple of months or even a few weeks..  What will Americans do if their government comes unraveled.  Its going to be fun to watch all these folks that have been sitting on their fat asses, with their hand out,wanting the government to take care of them,. We are close folks,  I could be wrong, but I see a tsunamie coming. 

Now that Europe or the EU has told Obama that they are done with bailouts,. They have basically told Obama to get out and stay out,. They’re not interested.  Plus the AIG mess has intangled foreign banks and economies, . Which is why bush and paulson put up the TARP money , to keep us out of a war with the EU and China.  We are governed by a bunch of fools.  

Prediction: These problems will drive the murder suicide numbers thru the roof.

One more item:  The fix is simple,,, let them fail.

Transparency Whoops,

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The Arizona Sentinel
Mr. President, maybe you will learn a lesson about what happened today in the House hearings, Did you propose transparency to win votes or was it because you knew that transparency would expose the truth behind our current fiscal condition of Trillions of dollars of debt.
Todays hearings, and the questions especially from Blarney Bunko Franko. Were nothing more than a distraction from the truth.  And a effort to CTA, or CYA.
Without exception, the problems we now face, were entirely caused by Congress. Starting with the Community Redevelopment Act, in the 70s, Jimmy Carter, Clinton relaxing leveraging requirments,  ,Bush failure to secure the borders, Congress, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Watters, ACORN, Barney Frank,  house and senate members, on both sides of the isle.
The more I listened to the hearing today and the rocks thrown at an American that has stepped up to help prevent further declines, is a disgrace and a fraud. The guy is making $1.00 per year to try to UN wind, what Congress put in motion. 
What needs to happen is for the American public to hold grand jury hearings and supeone Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, John McCain, Spencer Bachus, Barrack Obama, we need to turn the tables, and put these crooked politicians, on the stand and start drafting indictments, for political malfeasance.
Our economy is going to get a lot worse folks, Commercial real-estate has begun to rear its problems, residential will continue the current declines for the foreseeable future, And get this, new housing starts were up in FEB.  Just what we need more new empty homes. Now here is what is worse, The Fed and Treasury is promoting again, yes again, the bundling of mortgages and selling them as securities.  These mortgages must stay with the originator/lender,. This could be easily done. And would remove the subprime problem in the future, The fed and treasury are going to set us up for another failure in 10 years.
IM not a big fan of Wall Street. And we can throw all the rocks we want at Wall Street, but the real culprit here is Washington. If your a government paid employee. Consider this, you have a job because a bunch of civilians are giving it up for you. Thats gonna change going forward. Because when the fed runs out of paper to print, governments will begin to shut down.  Working for the government at any level must be embarrassing.
My hats off to Obama for going for Transparency.
Sometimes you gotta be careful of what you wish for. 
There is an old saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Is there a chance that since Geitner was involved with the Feds bailouts last fall, that Obama wanted him close so he could learn all the facts behind the bush,paulson bailout. Am I putting out a naive position here? It would seem now , based on what we are learning , that Dodd, Pelosi , Barney are undermining the Obama administration, making life for the Obamas even that much tougher. Was Obamas statement the other night that he wanted Geitner to take any action necessary to stop the AIG bonus’s, just a smokescreen or were these Bonus’s approved by Dodd,and Frank, to blind side Obama,. Much of what Obama is doing is circumventing Congress, thats gotta be ticking off the Democratic leadership,. Sucks to be them.
The measure to prevent the bonus’s, was stripped by Dodd, Barney and other members of Congress from the stimulus bill, that  ultimately allowed the bonus’s to be paid.
Bottom line , the real problem facing our economy is the subprime, no doc, stated income loans made to illegals and non-credit qualified borrowers. AIG, problems go to foreign companies and economies,, Let them eat cake. They were stupid for investing in these AIG securities.
Threatening letters to Mr. Liddy and his family are completely misdirected.  Its time to face the music America, your government has failed you.

March 18, 2009

Chief Justice will read the Taitz Brief, Inch by Inch

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Come On Barrack,,, you can end this in a heart beat!!!

“I Did It!  Justice Roberts Agreed to read all of my documents!”
by Orly Taitz   March 14, 2009

Yesterday I traveled to Idaho. I was able to address Chief Justice Roberts during the question & answer session after his lecture. There were numerous cameras recording this event, and simultaneous feeds broadcast to all the campuses of the University of Idaho. Roughly 5,000 people in all the campuses had an opportunity to hear what I had to say. It is in video archives and now everybody knows the truth and knows that leftist media thugs such as the Seattle (Post-Intelligencer) shamelessly twist the truth to fit their Pro Obama blind idiot agenda.

It was a grueling day. I left home at 3:00 in the morning after sleeping only 3 hours and drove to San Diego (70 miles), from there flew to Salt Lake City, from there to Tacoma, Washington, and from there I drove for a couple of hours to be in Moscow, Idaho, to address Chief Justice Roberts.  

After the lecture the audience was told that they can ask questions, give their name and present a short question.  I was the first to run to the microphone and told Roberts. ” My name is Orly Taitz. I am an attorney from Southern California. I left home at three o’clock in the morning and flew and drove thousands of miles to talk to you and ask you a question.”  Roberts seemed to be impressed by that and I continued.  “Are you aware that there is criminal activity going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?  I have submitted my case Lightfoot v. Bowen to you. You agreed to hear it in the conference of all 9 Justices on January 23, 2009.  Your clerk, Danny Bickle, on his own accord, refused to forward to you an important supplemental brief, he has hidden it from you, and refused to post it on the docket. Additionally, my case was erased from the docket, completely erased one day after the inauguration, only two days before it was supposed to be heard in the conference. Outraged citizens had to call and demand for it to be re-posted.”


“On Monday (March 9, 2009), I saw Justice Antonin Scalia (in LA) and he had absolutely no knowledge of my case that was supposedly heard in conference on January 23rd. It is inexplicable, particularly knowing that roughly half a million American citizens have written to him and to you, Justice Roberts, demanding that you hear this issue of eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro to be the President of the United States.”


At that point I have shown to Roberts a stack of papers that I held. Those were my pleadings and printouts that I got from It contained your names, names of about 350,000 that signed the petition. (there were others that have written individual letters).  Chief Justice Roberts stated,  “I will read your documents, I will review them. Give them to my Secret Service Agent and I will review them”. 

His Secret Service Agent approached me and stated, “Give me all the documents, I promise you Justice Roberts will get them”.  I had a full suitcase of documents. The agent went to look for a box, he found a large box to fit all the documents, he showed me his badge, and introduced himself as Gilbert Shaw, secret Service Agent assigned to the security of Chief Justice Roberts. 

I gave him:


1.   Motion for reconsideration of Lightfoot et al v. Bowen with all the supplemental briefs;


Quo Warranto – Easterling et al v. Obama et al;



3,300 pages of your names (~100 per page), people that signed petition, demanding that the Supreme Court hear the Obama eligibility case;



Copy of a 164 page dossier and all the other documents sent to Eric Holder, Attorney General, describing suspected criminal activity associated with Obama and his supporters. It described a whole campaign of cyber-crimes, intimidation, harassment, defamation and assassination of character, impersonation of U.S. Army officer Scott Easterling, and impersonation of me. It showed screen shots of information being erased from the docket of the Supreme Court. It contained information of court cases being created, fabricated in order to commit voter fraud and sway public opinion. It contained a list of a 100 addresses for Barack Obama with numerous different social security numbers, issued all over the country and attached to those addresses.  

It showed the address Obama used in Somerville, Massachusetts, attached to the social security of a man who is 118 years old. It showed evidence of Obama committing perjury, lying under oath. It had his school registration from Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia, religion Muslim. Right after this page there was a page of Obama’s registration to become an attorney and officer of the court in Illinois, where he stated under oath that his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he had no other prior names.

It contained a report from a federal agent Steven Coffman, stating that there are numerous signs of forgery in his Selective Service Certificate. It contained a letter from a renowned expert, Sandra Line, stating that there are  signs of forgery in Obama’s short version Certification of Live Birth, and (that the) original Birth Certificate needs to be reviewed in order to ascertain his status.

It contained 130 current job positions for Barry Obama, Barack H. Obama and Michelle Obama, that were obtained from None of them were reported on Obama’s tax returns. All of these documents suggest possible massive tax fraud, corruption of a public official, bribery and massive campaign contributions fraud, whereby large campaign contributions over allowed limits were reported as (income from) fictitious positions with different companies, not surprisingly involving most mainstream media outlets. These need to be reviewed in light of a pattern I’ve seen previously.  For example, as a State Senator, Obama arranged for his friend Robert Blackwell of Killerspin, Inc. (Table Tennis Mfg) to get a grant of $320,000 of our taxpayers’ money for his ping-pong tournaments. In exchange Blackwell gave Obama back roughly a third, $100,000, in the form of a salary. Similarly Obama arranged for a Chicago university hospital to get a 1 million dollar grant of our taxpayer money, and they gave him back roughly a third, $357,000, in the form of a board (of directors) salary for his wife Michelle for working 20 hours a week, even though Michelle was totally worthless as a board member since she had zero medical education and her law license is on a mandatory inactive status (I wonder why).  

I am writing this in a hurry, ready to leave my hotel room, finishing yesterday’s dinner leftovers and ready to board a plane for a grueling flight back home. I’ll add one more detail. As one of the announcers introduced CJ Roberts, he stated that Roberts has his priorities straight. He described an event when Roberts missed most of a reception because he wanted to be there for his young son, at the sports tournament where his son was participating. He described Roberts as a caring and loving father.

At that point I was just about ready to cry. I have 3 sons. I love them too and I would love to be there, attending their events. I am a proud parent. My oldest son scored in top one percent in the Nation in PSATs and he is in an IVY league school studying to be a doctor. He is also a gifted comedian, who formed a stand-up comedy improv group, and I would love to see him perform. My two younger sons are great students. My middle son has a beautiful low bass Elvis Presley voice, he sings opera and I would love to hear him perform. My youngest son is a top student taking 5AP classes in tenth grade, gifted mathematician and basketball player. I would love to see him get academic awards and play basketball. I missed time with my children, time that will never come back because I am criss-crossing this country talking to Justices of the Supreme court, Representatives, Senators, FBI agents, Attorney Generals, US attorneys, telling all of them, what is wrong with you? Did some evil magician put a spell on the men in this country and they stopped being men? Why are you afraid to speak up, to stand up for you constitution? Why are you afraid to tell this arrogant jerk from Africa and Indonesia, “You need to go home; you cannot be a President and Commander In Chief, because you are not a Natural-Born Citizen. To be a Natural-Born Citizen you have to have both parents as citizens. Your father was never a US citizen and you don’t qualify and you also spit us in the face by refusing to unseal your vital records. There is no proof that you are even a citizen. For all we know, you need to go back to Kenya and wait for your green card, after we try you for all the crimes perpetrated upon American citizens!”

I hope Justice Roberts teaches his son that he is a descendant of people that were real men and fought in Alamo and at Valley Forge. Chief Justice Roberts has a right to issue a stay and appoint Joe Biden as president pro-tempore until Obama proves his qualifications or until a new president is chosen. I hope Roberts teaches his son by example and not by empty words. 

Posted by Dr. Orly Taitz at 3/14/2009 5:47 AM

STOP SPP is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned over …
the creation of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.
This will dismantle USA as we know it today.

March 13, 2009

As predicted War with Mexico is here, Send Big Red One to the Border!!!

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Feel Free to Distribute Tuesday, March 10, 2009 7:07:25 PM War is Breaking Out in Mexico – Will it Unravel the United States We Know? Tony Dolz March 09, 2009 “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life”. -John F. Kennedy The Perfect Storm is brewing. Millions of refugees escaping war, hunger and violence in Mexico may storm our Southern Border during the Obama first term. The Winds of Change threaten to align an Economic Depression of historical dimensions, massive unemployment and civil disorder against a sea of pressing refugees. Fresh from his rushed meeting with Mexican military leaders on Friday, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, met with President Barack Obama today on a week-end briefing on the probabilities of a Mexican government collapse and United States military options. The media´s coverage of Admiral Mullen´s comings and goings for the president has so far ignored the elephant in the room – the reaction of the American people to a surge of millions of Mexican refugees violating our border and its aftermath. Will the day come when U.S. military be ordered to fire on American citizens? Millions of Mexican “refugees” may overrun the southern border if not in 2009, then at some point within the first Obama term, U.S. intelligence sources speculate. The question is not what will the federal government do to defend our Southern border, but how will the government react when the citizenry refuses to tolerate failure in fencing out a surge of millions of refugees, especially as we are headed into a depression of historical dimensions. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with key members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence last Thursday immediately following her first overseas trip since her nomination was approved. Clinton´s opening remark was that the greatest threat to our internal security was the Mexican border and the possible collapse of the Mexican government. The Secretary of State´s candid remarks may come as a surprise to the public but none of the Congressmen from the House Committee on Intelligence flinched as top level federal official have known for some time that America is in grave danger. Various reports document the reasons why millions of Mexicans will flee Mexico if conditions continue to worsen The most recent US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) report, “Joint Operating Environment 2008: Challenges and Implications for the Future Joint Force,” warns that “Mexico is on the verge of becoming a failed state under control of narco-terrorists.” “In terms of worst-case scenarios for the Joint Force and indeed the world, two large and important states bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse: Pakistan and Mexico.” On a weeks old report entitled “Narco-Violence in Mexico: A growing Threat to U.S. Security”, the author, former US Drug Czar under President Clinton and adjunct professor of international affairs at West Point, General Barry R. McCaffrey states that: The Mexican State is engaged in an increasingly violent, internal struggle against heavily armed narco-criminal cartels that have intimidated the public, corrupted much of law enforcement, and created an environment of impunity to the law. Thousands are being murdered each year. Drug production, addiction, and smuggling are rampant. The struggle for power among drug cartels has resulted in chaos in the Mexican states and cities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Drug-related assassinations and kidnappings are now common-place occurrences throughout the country. Squad-sized units of the police and Army have been tortured, murdered, and their decapitated bodies publicly left on display. The malignancy of drug criminality now contaminates not only the 2000 miles of cross-border U.S.. communities but stretches throughout the United States in more than 295 U..S. cities. Mexico´s senior leadership President Felipe Calderon, Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora, and SSP Secretary of Federal Police leader Genaro Luna are confronting criminal drug cartels that have subverted state and municipal authorities and present a mortal threat to the rule of law across Mexico. A failure by the Mexican political system to curtail lawlessness and violence could result in a surge of millions of refugees crossing the U.S. border to escape the domestic misery of violence, failed economic policy, poverty, hunger, joblessness, and the mindless cruelty and injustice of a criminal state. The Council on Hemispheric Affairs states that: “Due to pervasive corruption at the highest levels of the Mexican Government, and the almost effortless infiltration of the porous security forces by the cartel, an ultimate victory by the state is uncertain.” Mexico´s government and institutions are presently corrupt from top to bottom and no legislative, administrative, military or law enforcement body has been left untouched. This is not Mexico´s only problem however. Mexico faces a failing economy: Mexico is plagued by 25% unemployment and worsening 82% of Mexico´s exports are destined for the United States, but business is drying up Over 50% of foreign investments in Mexico come from the United States, but credit is frozen today. Mexican car manufacturing dropped 51% in January. Car sales to the United States dropped by 70% and to Europe by 71% GDP dropped by 1.8% last quarter of 2008 and the slide is expected to continue Oil exports account for 1/3 of the Mexican national budget but oil world market prices are falling Mexico’s industrial production contracted by 6 percent year-on-year in December and .. The manufacture of transport equipment fell by 9 percent Mining output dropped by 6 percent Construction output dropped by 4.4 percent Besides being buffeted by bad economic news, Mexico is riddled with crime and violence. Due to pervasive corruption and complicity, the population is fearful of asking for help from elected representatives, the judicial system and law enforcement. For that reason crime figures are likely underestimates. The known statistics are sobering: Drug use in Mexico has doubled since 2002. Cocaine consumption has doubled since 2002 Five percent of the Mexican population consumes illegal drugs daily Mexico is the source of 90% of marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine entering the U.S. Civilian deaths in the drug war stand at 7000 rivaling 9000 in Iraq in the same 12 month period Armed Mexican kidnappers are snatching victims in Phoenix for ransom, turning the sun-baked city into the “kidnap capital” of the United States “The fight in Mexico is about control of the smuggling corridors and those corridors don’t stop at the border,” Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard said last week Phoenix police reported and average of one adduction per day in 2008 adding to the escalation of execution style murders, violent home invasions, and a spiraling kidnap rate The cities of Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa and Monterrey are virtually under drug cartel control and many other cities are tittering. President Calderon has deployed 45,000 Mexican army troops to the border to take back control of key cities but the loyalty of those troops is compromised by bribes from the cartels which do $140 billion in trade along the border. The civilian death toll along the border in the month of January 2009 was over 1000. Ciudad Juarez across the river from El Paso suffered 1,800 murders in 2008. Murders continue to climb monthly. There were 255 murders in Ciudad Juarez in January. Juarez´s Mayor fled to El Paso and asked for political asylum this week after several of his police officers were murders and his life was threatened. Ciudad Juarez has for all purposes fallen to the cartels. The Washington Post quoted Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) on Tuesday as saying, “It is a state of war” regarding the cartels´ increasing control of the border and a number of cities in Mexico. McCaul noted that on Tuesday Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) called for 1,000 additional federal troops and requested millions of dollars be sent to the state out of concern that security along the border was inadequate. Governor Perry briefly put the National Guard on a state of alert during the recent blocking of the international bridges instigated by cartel operatives. Perry´s reasons for concern has been confirmed by statements from former Governor Napolitano and now head of Homeland Security, who puts the risks from the cartels spilling into the United States as a serious and growing threat. Texas Homeland Security director Steve McCraw told legislative committees in recent days that state officials are closely monitoring the increasing violence in Mexican border areas, and have contingency plans to address any spillover of the cartel violence into Texas. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano as recently as yesterday restated her assessment that drug-related corruption and violence against government leaders and the military have limited the Mexican government’s authority. According to an exclusive report by Sara Carter in the Washington Time today, a senior United States defense official told the Times that the chaos in Mexico is moving to crisis proportions. The official who spoke on the condition that he not be named, said that the cartels have amassed a 100,000 foot soldier army that is on a par with Mexico´s army of 130,000. The collapse of civil order in Mexico will give rise to a run of our southern border by millions of Mexican citizens seeking “refugee” status. Estimates leaking out of Congress point to a feared magnitude of 30 to 40 million refugees! That tens of millions of refugees would head for the border should not come as much of a surprise. A Pew Hispanic Center Study back in 2005, when the situation was not as bleak, reported that 32 million Mexicans would leave for the United States and most of them said they would do so illegally if necessary. The crime and economic conditions today are much worse than in 2005 so the number of refugee would be much higher. There are signs that the federal government knows more than they pretend. Are we to believe reports that there are plans to deal with the collapse of the Mexican government, for example: Thousands of Mexican cartel armed terrorists spilling into the United States Tens of millions of refugees escaping chaos in Mexico and rushing our borders Tens of millions of legal and illegal people of Mexican descent living in the United States politicizing the refugee issue and resorting to civil disobedience and violence Foreign terrorists infiltrating the mass of Mexican aliens rushing the Southern border Thousands of United States citizens weighing in for the defense of the nation´s borders and sovereignty should the government fail to do so The United States economy collapses under the weight of mismanagement, insurmountable debt and a worthless currency simultaneously with the rush of the border by millions of Mexicans Signs and rumors of federal government establishing domestic detention and civil disorder control plans: Confirmed Federal government domestic deployment of 20,000 uniformed military force in contradiction of the 131 year standing Posse Comitatus Act which restricts use of the military on domestic soil Reports of large scale construction of FEMA and other facilities for detaining large populations Reports of the construction of people hauling railroad cars Sudden speed-up of border fence construction after many years of stalling Legislation infringing on 2nd Amendment Right to hold and bear arms Federal government training and exercises on disarming the citizenry For Army rules on establishing and running civilian detention labor camps go to this government website: There are 12 million armed American citizens, many of them veterans or retired law enforcement who recognize that a surge of hundreds of thousands or millions of aliens cannot be stopped by the National Guard and local law enforcement alone. American citizens are arming themselves and training for the defense of their country. What will the citizens do if? The government is overwhelmed and rendered impotent by a surge of millions of aliens fleeing war, crime and violence in Mexico? The government strategically opts to allow hundreds of thousands or millions of aliens to overrun the United States rather than take actions that may cause Mexican ethnocentric groups entrenched in the United States to spark a civil war? Hundreds of thousands or millions of aliens trespassing from Mexico clash with citizens offering resistance? Millions of citizens, legal residents and illegal aliens of Mexican descent and others sympathetic to Mexican ethnocentric interests, resort to civil disobedience to free Mexican aliens from government detention centers? The disruption and chaos of a surge of aliens overrunning the Southern Borders leads to a breakdown of local law enforcement and leads to an explosion of crime and violence in the United States? There are signs that citizens are taking notice of the threats to the nation Gun and ammunition sales are at record high levels especially since President Barack Obama´s election Many states have introduced legislation to curtail the power of the federal government and re-asserting 9th and 10th Amendment state rights Citizens are joining neighborhood and border watch law abiding groups in record numbers. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corp maintains a permanent camp, Camp Vigilance, at the California Mexican border, for example. Groups such as the American Legion have passed a resolution and put their 2.3 million members on notice about the risks from our Southern Border.. Groups such as NumbersUSA, with a million members, lobby Congress to enforce existing border security and immigration laws. Each time Congress proposes an Amnesty for illegal aliens thousands more join NumbersUSA. Citizens are increasingly relying on non-government regulated independent news media, such as Internet sources, for news and information Citizen activism and open challenges to government policy are on the upswing which is illustrated by a meager 11% support of Congress and sinking levels of support for elected officials and judges at both the federal and state levels. There may still be time to prepare for the fall of the Mexican government and fencing out the destabilizing effect of millions of aliens rushing our southern border. The most prudent course for the government would be to enlist the help of the citizenry rather than suppress civilian participation. To re-build the faltering trust in our government we need full and complete transparency from our elected representatives. The states need to start preparing for their own defense especially Border States since relaying on the federal government to protect the border has proven unreliable and ineffective for the last decades. A report released by the Center on Immigration Studies two weeks ago, documents that over the last 6 years our elected representative have received $334 million from special interest that benefit or profit from open borders and cheap foreign labor legal and illegal. We must keep vigilant of the continuing buying of influence by special interest that undermines national security and domestic tranquility. Many now consider Congress integrity as being compromised and this weakens Congress leadership initiatives and puts the nation at risk. What could civilians do to help maintain order and the Rule of Law? Organize into neighborhood and border watch groups, hundreds of thousands have done so already Train in observation and communication skills to help state and federal defense operations Train in rescue operations and the protection and maintenance of infrastructure Civilians should rely on lawful 2nd Amendment possession and training on firearms for self-defense and national defense Chose the sources of information carefully, stay informed and remain ready and prepared to defend the country, the community and the family Let´s hope that the Mexican people rise in support of what remains of lawful and ethical government in Mexico so we can be spared the spillover of their problems into the United States. We need more than hope from the president, however. The Associated Press reported today that 700 unemployed Americans applied for a single janitor´s position at Edison Junior High School in Ohio, a job that pays $15 per hour. In February we saw the loss of another 655,000 jobs. Mr. President, don´t even think about opening our borders to millions of refugees and least of all of offering Amnesty (forgiveness of crimes) for the millions of illegal aliens that are today competing with Americans for basic $15 per hour jobs. What is the single most effective measure the federal government could take to avoid bloodshed in the Unites States should the Mexican government fall? Start a massive construction project of a secure double fence with back up ground and air electronic surveillance of the Southern Border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Station returning military from Afghanistan and Iraq in military bases along the border. It is better to building a border fence now than after Martial Law has to be declared. If refugee camps are needed let´s establish them on the Mexican side of the border and let´s protect them in collaboration with whatever reliable Mexican military personnel and international partners as may be mustered. A Perfect Storm is brewing. It is time for the Government to hold public hearings on how it plans to prevent millions of refugees to storm our Southern Border and in the event that it fails to secure the border, how it will prepare to deal with possible consequences, such as, breakdown of civil order, state and federal bankruptcies and massive scale unemployment, hunger and bloodshed. Media Contact: Article Author, Tony Dolz Email: War is Breaking Out in Mexico – Will it Unravel the United States We Know? MexWar TAGS: Mexican refugees, Mexican Drug War, US Military intervention, Collapsing economy, Ciudad Juarez, Mexican Government, Mexican Border, Southern Border, National Guard, Texas border, Arizona border, California border, Illegal Aliens, Detention Camps, FEMA camps, Mexico border troops, mexican border troops, state of alert, civil unrest If you wish to unsubscribe please send an email with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line — STOP SPP is a non-partisan group of citizens concerned over … the creation of the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. This will dismantle USA as we know it today. Website:

March 11, 2009

Supreme Court says it needs one more vote to hear Obama Birthplace case

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WND Exclusive


Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case

Lawyer confronts justice about prez’s qualifications

Posted: March 10, 2009
9:19 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily


Antonin Scalia

A lawyer lobbying the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president says a key conservative justice has hinted that another conservative justice has been voting against hearing the dispute.

According to Orly Taitz, a California attorney working through her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation on several cases challenging Obama, said she was presented with an opportunity to ask a question of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia yesterday.

The issue of Obama’s eligibility has been raised before the Supreme Court at least four times already but has yet to be given a single hearing. Cases have been brought by Taitz, Philip Berg, Cort Wrotnowski and Leo Donofrio.

(Story continues below)


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While the requests have been heard “in conference” by the justices, no hearings have resulted on the evidence. WND previously has reported that cases brought to individual justices on an emergency basis can be discussed in such conferences, but they need the affirmative vote from four justices before a hearing on the merits can be scheduled.

The Supreme Court today is considered to have mainly a 4-4 conservative-liberal split, with one swing vote on most issues. On the conservative side generally are Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Anthony Kennedy often is the swing vote.  The liberal side frequently includes Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter and John Paul Stevens.

No explanations on the court’s response to the Obama citizenship issue have been offered until now.

Taitz reported she attended a reception for Scalia and stood “right by the mic, just to make sure I have an opportunity to ask a question. Only four lawyers out of about 300 in the audience got to ask their questions and I was lucky to be one of them.”

She said, “I told Scalia that I was an attorney that filed Lightfoot v. Bowen that Chief Justice Roberts distributed for conference on Jan. 23 and now I represent nine state reps and 120 military officers, many of them high ranked, and I want to know if they will hear Quo Warranto and if they would hear it on original jurisdiction, if I bring Hawaii as an additional defendant to unseal the records and ascertain Obama’s legitimacy for presidency.”

Taitz said she had some worries asking the question.

“I have to say that I prepared myself to a lot of boo-ing, knowing that Los Angeles trial lawyers and entertainment elite are Obama’s stronghold, however there was no boo-ing, no negative remarks,” she said. “I actually could see a lot of approving nods, smiles, many gasped and listened intensely. I could tell, that even Obama’s strongest supporters wanted to know the answer.

“Scalia stated that it would be heard if I can get four people to hear it. He repeated, you need four for the argument. I got a feeling that he was saying that one of these four that call themselves constitutionalists went to the other side,” Taitz said.

“He did not say that it is a political question, he did not say that it is for the legislature to decide. For example, right after me another attorney has asked him about his case of taxing some Internet commerce and right away Scalia told him that he should address it with the legislature. He did not say it to me. He did not say that Quo Warranto is antiquated or not appropriate. No, just get four,” she said.

She then bought Scalia’s book and waited in line to get it autographed.

“I gave him the books to sign and asked, ‘Tell me what to do, what can I do, those soldiers [her plaintiffs] can be court-martialed for asking a legitimate question, who is the president, is he legitimate.’ He said, ‘Bring the case, I’ll hear it, I don’t know about others.'”

Taitz’ latest effort is a case of Quo Warranto submitted to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The legal phrase essentially means an explanation is being demanded for what authority Obama is using to act as president. An online constitutional resource says Quo Warranto “affords the only judicial remedy for violations of the Constitution by public officials and agents.”

The plaintiffs allege Obama failed to submit prima facie evidence of his qualifications before Jan. 20, 2009.

“Election officers failed to challenge, validate or evaluate his qualifications. Relators submit that as president elect, Respondent Obama failed [tO] qualify per U.S. CONST. Amend. XX [paragraph] 3,” the document said.

John Eidsmoe, an expert on the U.S. Constitution working with the Foundation on Moral Law, said the demand is a legitimate course of action.

“She basically is asking, ‘By what authority’ is Obama president,” he told WND. “In other words, ‘I want you to tell me by what authority. I don’t really think you should hold the office.'”

Taitz said Americans should flood Holder’s office with calls, e-mails and faxes, urging him to take action on the case.

WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 300,000 others and sign up now!

Although Obama officials have told WND all such allegations are “garbage,” here is a partial listing and status update for some of the cases over Obama’s eligibility:

  • New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo has filed a case on behalf of Charles Kerchner and others alleging Congress didn’t properly ascertain that Obama is qualified to hold the office of president.
  • Pennsylvania Democrat Philip Berg has three cases pending, including Berg vs. Obama in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a separate Berg vs. Obama which is under seal at the U.S. District Court level and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, (now dismissed) brought on behalf of a retired military member who could be facing recall to active duty by Obama.
  • Leo Donofrio of New Jersey filed a lawsuit claiming Obama’s dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court but denied a full hearing.
  • Cort Wrotnowski filed suit against Connecticut’s secretary of state, making a similar argument to Donofrio. His case was considered in conference by the U.S. Supreme Court, but was denied a full hearing.
  • Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes headlines a list of people filing a suit in California, in a case handled by the United States Justice Foundation, that asks the secretary of state to refuse to allow the state’s 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office. The case is pending, and lawyers are seeking the public’s support.
  • Chicago attorney Andy Martin sought legal action requiring Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle to release Obama’s vital statistics record. The case was dismissed by Hawaii Circuit Court Judge Bert Ayabe.
  • Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan sought a temporary restraining order to stop the Electoral College vote in North Carolina until Barack Obama’s eligibility could be confirmed, alleging doubt about Obama’s citizenship. His case was denied.
  • In Ohio, David M. Neal sued to force the secretary of state to request documents from the Federal Elections Commission, the Democratic National Committee, the Ohio Democratic Party and Obama to show the presidential candidate was born in Hawaii. The case was denied.
  • Also in Ohio, there was the Greenberg v. Brunner case which ended when the judge threatened to assess all case costs against the plaintiff.
  • In Washington state, Steven Marquis sued the secretary of state seeking a determination on Obama’s citizenship. The case was denied.
  • In Georgia, Rev. Tom Terry asked the state Supreme Court to authenticate Obama’s birth certificate. His request for an injunction against Georgia’s secretary of state was denied by Georgia Superior Court Judge Jerry W. Baxter.
  • California attorney Orly Taitz has brought a case, Lightfoot vs. Bowen, on behalf of Gail Lightfoot, the vice presidential candidate on the ballot with Ron Paul, four electors and two registered voters.

In addition, other cases cited on the RightSideofLife blog as raising questions about Obama’s eligibility include:

  • In Texas, Darrel Hunter vs. Obama later was dismissed.
  • In Ohio, Gordon Stamper vs. U.S. later was dismissed.
  • In Texas, Brockhausen vs. Andrade.
  • In Washington, L. Charles Cohen vs. Obama.
  • In Hawaii, Keyes vs. Lingle, dismissed.


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March 10, 2009

Lets all rally around Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris claims thousands of right wing cell groups exist and will rebel against U.S. government


Ron Moore
March 9, 2009

Editor’s note: The following article is an example of how far we have drifted from our constitutional principles in this country. The author of this article seems to think reclaiming the country in the name of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a “right wing” concept. If we follow this logic, then, the left wing wants tyranny, dictatorship, and a police state. In fact, it seems Chuck Norris is moving away from the Republican party — in his article on WND, linked below, he actually claims there is little difference between the two parties — and is calling for a Second American Revolution. If this is “right wing,” count me in.

The call by some right wing leaders for rebellion and for the military to refuse the commander in chief’s orders is joined by Chuck Norris who claims that thousands of right wing cell groups have organized and are ready for a second American Revolution. During an appearance on the Glen Beck radio show he promised that if things get any worse from his point of view he may “run for president of Texas.” The martial artist/actor/activist claims that Texas was never formally a part of the United States in the first place and that if rebellion is to come through secession Texas would lead the way.


Today in his syndicated column on WorldNetDaily Norris reiterates the point: “That need may be a reality sooner than we think. If not me, someone someday may again be running for president of the Lone Star state, if the state of the union continues to turn into the enemy of the state.” 

He continues; calling on a second American Revolution; “…we’ve bastardized the First Amendment, reinterpreted America’s religious history and secularized our society until we ooze skepticism and circumvent religion on every level of public and private life.

How much more will Americans take? When will enough be enough? And, when that time comes, will our leaders finally listen or will history need to record a second American Revolution? We the people have the authority according to America’s Declaration of Independence, which states: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

Norris claims that; “Thousands of cell groups will be united around the country in solidarity over the concerns for our nation.” The right wing cells will meet during a live telecast, “We Surround Them,” on Friday March 13 at 5 p.m.

He closes with the words of Sam Houston followed by a plug for his next martial arts event.

“We view ourselves on the eve of battle.”

March 9, 2009

Arizona tells the feds to butt out,..

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The Arizona Sentinel

Arizona steps up and tells the Federal government to butt out. 

HCR 2024


HCR 2024 stipulates that the state of Arizona is hereby claiming sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution. 




The 10th Amendment to the Constitution states that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or to the people”.


Black’s Law Dictionary defines sovereignty as the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which any independent state is governed; supreme political authority; paramount control of the constitution and frame of government and its administration; the self-sufficient source of political power, from which all specific political powers are derived; the international independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign dictation.  In other words, sovereignty is the power to do everything in a state without accountability – the power to make laws, to execute and apply them, to impose and collect taxes and levy contributions, to make war or peace, and to form treaties of alliance or of commerce with foreign nations.



·          Stipulates that the state of Arizona claims sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution.   

·          States that this resolution serves as both a notice and a demand to the federal government to immediately cease and desist mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.

·          Demands that all compulsory federal legislation that directs states to comply – under threat of civil or criminal penalties – or sanctions or requires states to pass legislation or otherwise lose federal funding be prohibited or repealed.

·          Requires the Arizona Secretary of state to transmit copies of this resolution to the following parties:

·          The President of the United States.

·          The President of the United States Senate.

·          The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

·          The Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate of each state’s legislature.

·          Each member of the Arizona Congressional Delegation.



March 8, 2009

Politicians make my hair hurt!

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The Arizona Sentinel
This morning on Meet the Press,  the talking heads were discussing the economy, what else? Half want more worthless paper thrown at the problem, making matter worse, the other half want the current stimulus plan shut down. 
One thing is for certain, More money is not the solution. The problem is really simple, First, our economy has had the wrong sector heading the nations economic stability. 
Until we seriously look at bringing back manufacturing production to the U.S. We will not turn this economy around. 
There is no possible way to come out of this financial problem if we expect housing to fix it. 
And unless we deal with the government mandates, unions, deficit spending, war mongering, politicians that bad mouth current bad policy, forgetting bad policy that they supported under previous administrations. 
Just imagine what would happen if Soretoro came out tomorrow morning and said, he was going to vacate Nafta,and Cafta.
Housing as a production sector took the place of the jobs lost due to the bush 41, clinton Nafta, followed by bush 43’s Cafta.
And the result was an over production of houses,and government meddling into the financing of that over production.
So will Barry do what is required, kill Nafta and Cafta, cut government spending, lower marginal tax rates across the board, create investment tax credits for business growth. Change the depreciation schedules for  commercial property, cut the federal gas tax in half. Send every dollar submitted to the federal government by the states , back to the states. Raise the standard deduction for individuals to ten thousand dollars.  I could go on and on. What would the result be .
 Confidence, Confidence.
And finally stop throwing elaborate parties at the White House every night,. At the rate Barry is going , my prediction, his presidency wont last a year. We just got rid of one liar in the white house, Americans wont tolerate another one. 
Ive said this before but its worth saying again,. Folks as long as we allow the government that we have to continue, We will continue to see the decline of what my generation calls values. 
The only way we can change this at the grassroots level in a timely fashion is to stop spending, The government thru its policies have bankrupted the country. Now the country must bankrupt the two political parties. We must destroy their capabilities to function, They are now fighting and screaming at each other, such as what happened the other day in the senate.
Stop driving, if you dont need it for day to day living, dont buy it , and if its made in China or Mexico, hold it up to the security cameras and put it back,.
Based on the responses that Im getting there is a lot of folks making major changes to their spending habits. 
Also my suggesting of moving accounts away from these failing national banks, back to local community banks seems to be resonating.  The life blood of any community is your local bank. When states allowed National bank charters to come into individual states, that is when the government, flawed housing financing programs started this mess that we are in. Get away from Chase,BofA,Citi, and move your accounts back to your hometown bank,. Let these mega banks fail under their own weight.

March 7, 2009

The Next Business Boom in America

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The Arizona Sentinel


Many of you thought I had lost my mind the other day,.. Well here is the next business boom in America,. If I were younger I would get into this , from outside of our borders.




Along the border, the bulletproofing business is booming

Concerned customers can buy James Bond-type options

Friday, March 06, 2009

SAN ANTONIO — Amid worsening drug violence in Mexico, booming numbers of Mexican and American professionals are having their cars fitted with armor plates, bulletproof glass and James Bond-style gadgets such as electrified door handles and push-button smokescreens.

Until recently, it was mostly movie stars, business moguls and politicians who took such precautions. But now, industry officials say, the customers include factory owners, doctors, newspaper publishers and others who have business on both sides of the border and fear killings, kidnappings and carjackings by drug dealers or people in their debt.

The customers “don’t have to be very big,” said Mark Burton, chief executive of International Armoring Corp. of Ogden, Utah. “This becomes almost a necessity.”

One San Antonio company said it expects a 50 percent increase in business this year.

The modifications typically cost $80,000 to $100,000, and they are being done not just on limousines but on more workaday vehicles such as sedans, pickups and SUVs.

“I feel we need to be in a cocoon that is impenetrable,” said a businessman who runs factories in Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and has gotten two Chevrolet Suburbans armored since October 2007. He spoke on condition of anonymity, saying he fears for his family’s safety after one of his sons was the victim of a kidnapping attempt.

The war between Mexican authorities and the country’s cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine cartels has killed 1,000 people so far this year. Last year, Juárez alone had more than 1,100 slayings.

The cartels have killed police, military officers and civilians from Cancún to Tijuana as they battle for control of drug-trafficking corridors.

Customers get not only armor plating but tires that will run when flat and bulletproof glass, which bursts into a spider-web pattern but won’t break, even when shot with an AR-15 assault rifle, a weapon of choice among drug smugglers.

Other customers can buy a package that will turn a Ford F-150 pickup or SUV into something out of a Batman movie: A button releases a cloud of white smoke for escaping a pursuing car. If the assailant makes it through that, the driver can release spikes to flatten the pursuer’s tires. And finally, if the attacker makes it to the car, electrified door handles can give him a nonlethal jolt.

Jorge Valencia, who has been working in the security business in Mexico for most of the past two decades, said his company bought its first armor-plated car in the mid-1990s, but it was mostly for politicians, and mostly out of an abundance of caution.

Nowadays, the danger is far greater, he said, noting that many kidnappings are happening in public places.

“The main streets in Ciudad Juárez have assassinations in the middle of the day,” said Valencia, who did not want his company’s name to be used for fear of putting his clients in jeopardy.

Companies that install bulletproofing — or “blindaje” in Spanish — have been doing a booming business in Mexico, too. But some businessmen, like the Juárez factory owner, who lives in the United States, are convinced the armoring is better in the U.S.

Under a 2004 regulation, U.S. companies need an export license from the Commerce Department to ship a car that has been armored out of the country. The rule is aimed at preventing drug dealers and other criminals from acquiring such vehicles.

Before the rule, Trent Kimball, chief executive of San Antonio-based Texas Armoring Corp., put armor plating on vehicles for a customer who claimed to be a rancher. Kimball later found himself testifying at the customer’s drug-trafficking trial.

Texas Armoring, which started in the 1970s armoring limousines and other vehicles for world leaders, did about 100 cars last year and expects to complete 150 this year, Kimball said.


Obama, put troops on the border, DA

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The Arizona Sentinel
America , when are you going to demand , that we seal the mexican border???  Some are calling for troops because of the goings on in El Paso, , what about Tucson or Pheonix,,,  we are such a stupid country.  Drug cartels bring billions of dollars into the Mexican economy, would you shut that down if you were Calderon,… The Drug business creates thousands of jobs and incomes for Americans , would you shut those jobs down if you were the u.s. government?


M3 Report


Mexico President Calderón: “The U.S. has a grave responsibility regarding the issue of drug traffic”

Posted: 06 Mar 2009 06:50 AM PST

Visit our website:
Foreign News Report

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

El Informador  (Guadalajara, Jalisco)  3/5/09
President Calderón was interviewed by the France Presse news agency and said that drug traffic is also due to corruption in the United States and added: “I want to know how many American officials have been charged in court for that reason.” He added that the U.S. has a “grave responsibility” regarding the issue of drug traffic.
Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  3/5/09
“The violence lashing the country has no limits and keeps claiming victims. In just three hours of this morning, three passenger bus drivers and four women were assassinated.”
“The statistics take on dimensions of horror if we realize that, based on recorded data, 25 bus drivers and 11 of their helpers have died. Terror also attacks women, because this year 70 have died.”
(The article then goes on to describe the events surrounding the latest of these killings.)
Critica  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  3/5/09
At Puerto Penasco, Sonora
(aka “Rocky Point”, on the north end of the Baja Calif. peninsula) Mex. military seized half a dozen assault rifles, 5 loaders and two drum loaders, a .45 cal. loader and assault rifle ammo.
And at the Hombres Blancos commune, Sonoyta, Sonora, a .50 cal. BushMaster, a .45 machine gun with metallic loader, an AR15 with 3 loaders, a 9 mm. machine pistol, two .40 pistols and various types of ammo; no arrests were mentioned in either event.
Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  3/5/09
*     One of the leaders of the “Zetas” , the hired killers of the Gulf Cartel, was arrested in Cancun by military personnel. The subject is an ex-military and ex-agent of the federal judicial police. Three Mex. military, one of them a recently retired brigadier general, were recently found tortured and assassinated on a road near Cancun.
*     In Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mex. federal police rescued two men who had been kidnapped a month and a half ago and arrested their captors, 13 persons believed to be “Zetas”. Also found were “long barrel” firearms and fraudulent Mex. Dep’t. of Justice I.D.’s. The kidnappers had asked for one and a half million pesos ransom.
La Cronica de Hoy  (Mexico City)  3/5/09
The chief of police of
Cuatitlan Izcalli, state of Mexico, and six police officers were arrested due to their protection of a criminal gang in exchange for 150 thousand pesos a month. The gang, “El Cabino”, had been involved in homicides; local area businessmen had complained that they had to pay a monthly quota in exchange for “protection” from the gang. (The town is some 20 mi. north of Mexico City)
Excelsior  (Mexico City)  3/5/09
Twelve Mex. military and four city police officers were detained in Aguascalientes, state of the same name, due to suspected links with the “Zetas”. They are believed to have taken part in several executions and to have protected other criminals.
Milenio  (Mexico City)  3/5/09
In Cancun, police responded to a call and found the body of a woman inside a plastic bag in a barrel.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  3/5/09
Around the Juarez area: a man shot to death was found in a car at a clinic’s parking area. Another dead body was found on the highway from Juarez to Casas Grande. And, early in the afternoon, on a street in Juarez: “a masculine gender head.”
– end of report –

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