The Arizona Sentinel

February 27, 2009


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The Arizona Sentinel

Senator Harry Reid may have just gotten bumped off of the dumbest Senator slot by this idiot from New York, a fool named Chuck Schummer.   Here we are with last months jobless numbers at 667,000  overall at 5.1 million , not counting the thousands that have dropped off the rolls, or have given up and moved back in with mom and dad if they are lucky.  General Motors lost another $9.6billion in the last quarter,.  A suggestion to General Motors,. Pack up and move out , as long as you are hamstrung by the UAW and the Federal Government mandates , you are doomed to fail as a institution in this country.  America is no longer a country friendly to manufacturing.

This morning the Dow is trying to drop below 7000. The market is showing its frustration, it just does not know what or which direction to go.  It is trying desperately not to face the facts,.  9 million more loans set to foreclose, a national debt 14 to 16 trillion somewhere in there,.  Jobs, drying up by the hundreds of thousands every month, and a administration and political party that are doing everything they can to make up for last time by pushing anti American policies.  The latest fopa’s are his attorney generals, speaking Mexican while addressing Americans,.  There support of LaRaza, with stimulus money, the hiring of a Mexican amnesty lawyer for a civil rights agency.  This administration is teetering with failure and its first 90 days has not yet passed.

This morning the President is telling the troops at Camp Legune of his plans for drawing down troops in Iraq,.. The sooner the better,..  The American debt will never be resolved as long as we keep sticking our nose in the business of other countries.  America’s days of being the global cop are over.  I will support the President in every way regarding the drawing down of Iraq.  His announcment this morning of stepped up medical benifits for veterans was good news, pay increases, child care and outreach programs and finally a 21st Century G I Bill for all veterans.   The G I bill is a vital part of the American future,.  The G I Bill gives a opportunity for the future middle class .  I am a product of the Viet Nam GI bill,… Which allowed me to be where I am today.  So we will watch this promise to make sure it gets done.

Unfortunately, we face several other issues that will require myself and Americans to buck up against Obama , his cabinet and his party. Its my hope that he has allowed his friends to be close and his enemies to be closer.  If that is his game,  he will allow his enemies enough rope to hang themselves.  His motives will be evident soon.  And the sooner the better for all of us.

We all want this administration to succeed, in order to to that,  Americans are going to have to pay attention and when called upon to let the Administration and Congress that they are headed in the wrong direction ,. YOU MUST ACT. 

In the mean time, states must wean themselves off of the federal government, they must validate the 10th Ammendment in each state and do what states are supposed to do and let the federal government do what it is constitutionally responsible for.


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