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February 25, 2009

Obamas Speech the Jindal Response

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The Arizona Sentinel

President Obama’s speech last night reminded me of Bill Clintons speeches.  After listening to a bubble head (bush) for 8 years, who couldn’t put two words together, it was welcome change of speaking ability. But its ends there.  Listening to Obama just like Clinton was like listening to a Lawyer making his closing arguments,. Telling the jury what they want to hear,. And having the delivery capabilities that convince even themselves that they are speaking the truth.

As for substance , in my view , it was a good attempt to bring HOPE back into the picture. But again thats where it stops,.. The actions Obama suggests are deficit spending plain and simple.  His statement that he is going to go thru the budget line by line,  sounds  good, but will it happen, not likely.  Obama has already proven that he is not a man of his word.  Lets use NAFTA as an example,  during the campaign he couldn’t get to it soon enough to repeal it.  Now he says its off the table.   So either he is a flip flopper or he just does not understand the importance of the economics of  manufacturing here at home.

The idea that the federal government can wiggle our way out of this mess is just flawed thinking. The Federal Government got us into this in the first place.  Obama wants to drive three issues.  Energy, Health Care and Education. Then the federal government needs to get out of the way.  Printing more money and spreading it around  is just more phony economics. Obama gives a great speech, but it ends there.   Bottom line here , bush was a fool, and Obama is a good speaker.  The truth is Obama  is going to drive America into a socialist state.  And there is nothing the Republicans can do about it. 

At this point , the Republicans may as well , pack up and go home and let the Democrats and Obama have their way with the United States.  They WON.

Now a bit about the Bobby Jindal response last night,… First he sounded like he was talking to a bunch of first graders.   And given the actions of the Republican Party over the last decade,  Jindal was probably told to keep it simple.

But he did strike a nerve with me when he told his story about the the sheriff down in New Orleans that told the Fema Bureaucrats to butt out over private boats that were needed to go out and rescue folks from their roof tops.  Jindal  told the Sheriff to tell the Fema buffoons that if they were going to arrest the sheriff they were going to have to arrest him also,.. Jindal at the time was a Congressman.   Fema told the sheriff that private boats could not go out unless they had insurances and were licensed.   The sheriff told them to go screw them selves. He sent the boats out and thousands were saved.  Here is why this was interesting::

In 2002 Arizona saw one of its most destructive fires in history. Caused by failed forest service management.  Five hundred thousand acres of forest timber was destroyed.  400 homes were destroyed,.. two or three people died , and probably thousands of game animals were caught in the blaze.   At one point a number of us were asked by some locals to volunteers to go back to the fire and build fire lines with dozers , and backhoes.   There were 24 of us that volunteered.  There was also a Caterpillar dealership in Phoenix that brought  brand new dozers up and yellow equipment was being donated from all over the country.  We were already to go.

However , our local fire chief and county sheriff took the side of the U.S. Forest service bureaucrats .   We were told that the brand new dozers did not have seat belts. So they could not be used. “If im running a dozer the last thing I want around me is a dam seat belt”>  And that we were not certified fire fighters,… That decision flat out resulted in the destruction described above. And it will be centuries before this forest is back to its pre-fire condition.  We were told that if we went to work the equipment , that we would be arrested.  A couple of us said fine, lets go , lets make them arrest us.   However as I said yesterday, we are a nation of cowards.

So were are we , well as I see it , we should all just sit back, put in our bid for the monopoly money. Let the Obama , and the democrats, do what ever they are gonna do and then hope that in two years , someone steps up , Maybe people will then listen to Ron Paul.



The American Economic Crash

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The Arizona Sentinel

The Flight of the American Economy is going down.  This similarities to an aircraft going down are remarkable, And here is how I got there.

When an aircraft or airliner goes down, it is always the result of a problem that gets compounded by a series of additional problems or mistakes that compound into a un-reversable result.  If one follows a set of guidelines , interrupt the problems and secure them, most of the time you will make it home. However:

The current economic condition and failure , was predictable and not unexpected.  Why? Because America has been making mistakes in every sector of American domestic and foreign policy for as far back as anyone can remember. Now those mistakes or problems  have compounded into a disassterous crash.

There is an old flying cliche that applies here,.. ” Dont let your self get behind the power curve” Well folks our country has been operating behind the power curve for a long time. And now that the crash is staring us in the face.  Every one is running around trying to find the power that would fix the problem.  Well this time , they waited to long,.. here is another cliche that applies,.. ” We have lost airspeed(a sustainable economy),altitude(industries,manufacturing) and fuel(our money is worthless)”.  the result is we are going down.

Estimates are that there are over 9 million more foreclosures in our future.   The crooked politicians that got us into this mess are trying to pour fuel “paper” on the fire in a effort to put it out.  But in this case its too little to late.   If the government had stayed out of the housing industry in the first place , we would not be going thru this today.

As I have written before ,  the states must shed them selves of the District of Columbia.   The funny money that Obama and Company are going to send out is only going to drive the economy deeper and deeper , as we have seen recently on Wall Street. The market is responding negatively to Obama’s attempt to be Reaganisk.

We have reached a point in America, that the only action is to roll the nose over and take what ever comes.  And hope that there are some pieces left when its over to start OVER.

In my view its to late to try to fix our government. The two parties are both corrupt and incompetent.  A tyrannical government will never succeed.  And if its not removed or destroyed it will implode and destroy itself.  So what can we do.

You must prepare for the worst  and hope and pray it doesn’t happen.  Mind your own business and set your self up for the crash.  The one thing you can count on Americans will never fight again internally for their freedoms,  out of fear of going to the FEMA camps we have all heard about.  The only way they will fight, and I’m not talking about carrying a bunch of signs in protest of a bunch of illegals coming across our borders.  Is if  they are young and unaware and need a job. If they knew of the treatment they would receive when they come home from foreign shores. They would never give it all for the flag and country.

Eric Holder and Im no fan of Eric Holder the new Attorney General, made the statement the other day that Americans were cowards,.. He is right,.  Americans have allowed themselves to be convinced that we can only solve problems by talking, dialog, conversation, lawyers,. So we are where we are.  If you think elections solve problems and you can just vote the bastards out , your kidding yourselves.  Elections are just as crooked as those that run for the offices they are running for.

So what is the answer, are there any solutions.  NO

I have one more aviation cliche that applies here.

“Buckle up , put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodby”.


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