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February 20, 2009

A government to be proud of ?

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The Arizona Sentinel

I was down at the local coffee shop the other day. Whinning about the government,. When this buddy of mine , a democrat made a suggestion, that might just help fix our situation here in the States.  He said,,,,, lets all file for a extention on April 15th.  What an idea,.. Just imagine if we could get  25% of the legal citizens of the U.S. to not file on the 15th.  We could send the Federal government and the Treasury into a tailspin.  All of the TARP money will have been distributed,.  Much of the 750 billion dollar stimulus will have been put out there,.. The tax code changes will have been made,. March the 4th Im told.  So if we all suck it up and say no more on 4/15/09.  What would they do? Arrest a 50 million people.  I got to thinking,,,, If this fella Soetoro can get millions of teen agers and illegal aliens to send him $4.00 ,over the internet, surley we can get 50 million taxpayers to say enough is enough,…  We need change alright, but Soetoro isnt the Change we were looking for.  Oh and while Im on Soetoro ,  his tax records are being supeoned.  Eventually we are gonna find out where he came from.

Then we got to talking about the numbers,  I like numbers,, you want to know whats going on look at the numbers.  These arent in any order, but they will tell us a lot about this mickey mouse government we have,…

First:: 19 million homes stood empty at the end of 2008=====government

Second::6 million unemployed and climbing at 600 thousand per month==government

Third:: 27,000 Employed at Pentagon , just in Recruiting and PR===government

Fourth::Banks own $11.5 billion in forclosed home loan mortagages==government

The above does not include Fannie and Freddie!!!!!

Fifth :: State Department employes over 30,000  ====government

Sixth:  50 of the largest banks in the country are insolvent====government

Seventh:  Majority of States are broke===========government

Eighth:  48% of Modified loans have already defaulted.====government

Ninth:  Home values in PHX Arizona have delined 43% and going down===government

Tenth= There are 300 million humans in America  ===government

Eleventh:  250 million Humans belong here.===government

Twelvth:  50 million Humans belong somewhere else.  ====government

Thirteenth: 250 million Americans are screwed

But there is some good news,, the Pope told Pelosi that she cant be a Catholic anymore.

And a Federal Government that owes 10.5 to 20 trillion dollars to China, boy does that make them look stupid!!!!



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