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February 15, 2009

Another Sub Prime Loan

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The Arizona Sentinel

Over the past two years since the correction in the housing industry , that many of us saw coming.  Much of the blame, by those hiding from the real issue, coming from those that encouraged bad mortgage policy. You have to also , understand that no one was threatened into signing these fraudulent loan docs.   Of course the 10s of thousand  of illegal aliens had every reason to jump on these phony loans. There were millions of illiterate Americans that did not read the docs, they were signing, or they lied as to their ability to repay a loan.  SO>

Now we have a Administration that is and has done the very same thing to the American people,..  Barry Soetoro alias Obama, has told the American people ,. To Sign Documents that they have not read,. He has told them this is a good deal, just go ahead and sign,..  Not to worry, we will refinance 2-3 years down the road.  We will lower your payments,  and extend the loan. Of course since we are headed into a deeper recession , your interest rates will be higher,.  But dont worry about that now.  

What the Soetoro Administration is giving America is just another ARM,,thats right its just a NO DOC, STATED INCOME,ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE, That our kids and grand kids will have to pay.  Bottom line here is they will not be able to.  This so called stimulus package is nothing more than a LIAR LOAN.

Taking this LIAR loan to the next level.  As we all know the fraudulent loans that have been written over the past dozen or so years.  This loan is going to be packaged and sold again to unsuspecting , foreign governments.  And just as the so called unsecuritized loans broke the economies around the world, this Government issued LIAR loan will drive the economies even deeper into depression over the next couple of years.

We keep hearing the phrase” Its too big to fail” ,.. Nothing is to big to fail.  The Economy of the United States due to failure of Administrations and Government policies, from bureaucrats has destroyed the American Economy. 

The American Economy just like your health,.. It can not be cured by working on the symptoms.  It can only be cured from the inside out. By rooting out the cause.  In our case, the cause is the Federal Government,. The Federal Government is symptmatic and must  be removed from the day to day control over the lives of Americans,.. States must step up and tell the Fed Government to follow the Constitution . States must tell the Fed Government , that they will deal with issues with in the state.  In Short, the States are the only treatment that will save the Economy of the Country.

The only way to fix this is to use the Tax Code,. If the Federal Government is going to disperse any money,  It shoud go directly to the taxpayers.  Fraud Waste and Abuse are synominus with Government.


One more issue ,  . John Mccain was on CNN this morning,..His comments on the border again demonstate his ignorance .  Thank God this joker never made to the White House,.. He talks about the violence on the border,..Wait till a drug war takes place at one of his 7 homes .  He makes my hair hurt.  Pheonix is now the Number One City in the nation for Human Kidnappings,. Tucson has a home invasion over drugs and money every other day. John, Its time to go to the home.  Governor Brewer , you need to set the standard for Law Enforcement.  CNN JOHN  ROBERTS took a chopper ride with the border patrol. He asked an agent , if the fence was working,.. The border patrol agent , with no hesitation. Said ,this paticular sector one year ago was seeing 800 crossing per day, now , its down to 25 maybe.  The fence is critical to this nations national security,… And it must be built from San Diego California to Brownsville Texas. If this administration fails this country by not finishing the fence,. The next administration will have to.

Hillary Clinton left this morning for a world tour on her private taxpayer funded jet,… Why is she better than the CEO.s for major Corporations.  America is broke, borrowing money from foreign nations.   GM is broke and borrowing money from foreign nations, via the fed government,. DUH!!!!!



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