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February 11, 2009

Political Hypocrisy

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The Arizona Sentinel


Today , the U.S. House Banking Committee , chaired by Balarny Franko.  Should show the world the hypocrisy that is going on in our Nations Capitol. While the committee supeoned the top CEO bankers in America.  To throw rocks at these CEO’s .  They have forgotten, a fundamental problem , that not only Washington has but this committee and its senior members of this committee, IE, Balarny Franko, and Maxine Watters are at the top of the list of responsible parties for the problems of the  country and indeed economies around the world. 

These two socialist , Frank and Watters, created legislation that started the mortgage fraud and problems that our economy is facing.  Its beyond me as to why these bankers, allowed these two idiots to attempt to throw all of the blame for our problems on them.  Barney Frank and Maxine Watters should be impeached,  and Chris Dodd should be next in line.


Obama is running around America, burning up Jet Fuel.  In an attempt to convince Americans that his stimulus plan, will work.   Well It will NOT.  In previous writings I have produce a plan that would revive the economy.  Today Im going to add two more elements that would go along ways to solve this situation.

First,.  Not only should Obama bring home all the troops from around the world , . He should deploy them on the border between Mexico and Canada., He should station them in the International Terminals and Ports, and prevent any illegal aliens from entering the country. He should install ankle bracelets on all foreign travelers entering this country for the next 4 years.  And create a system to monitor those arrivals and make certain they leave at the end of their 10 days. 

It makes no sense to allow the borders to be open, to illegals , that once they get here they suck up natural resources, water, air, oil , gas, etc etc. In addition to health care, education, etc etc . Its time to get serious regarding national security. If you want to restore confidence to the country, restore its secruity.

Secondly. He should immediately call in all the senior leadership of all Unions , UAW,Teamsters, etc. to the White House.  He should tell them flat out , that they are going to take a back seat to every issue about to be discussed,.. In other words they will be sent to the back of the bus.

Then Obama should call in all the remaining senior leadership personnel of all former manufacturing industries in the United States.  Examples of those industries,.. Tool and Die, Textile, Plastic Molding Manuf,. Electronics  so on and so on.

He should tell them , there is going to be a major switch in the Tax Code.  America is going to over night switch to the Consumption tax. He should instruct those industries to restart their former industries that have been sent out of the country, and immediately return all equipment, tooling back to the United States.  If they do not do this , there will be an immediate 100% tariff on all imports.  This will apply to every product that arrives at our shores, except crude oil.  The economy would instantly begin to turn.  Small business’s would be scrambling for start up capital , and there are trillions of dollars of private capital out there to loan.  If Obama is not going to use the current tax code to turn this around then he should get rid of the current code, and go to the consumption tax policy.  If this creates a trade war,,, so be it, lettem eat cake.  America first, its that simple, these stupid trade agreements should all be thrown out the window.

Now ,. Obama must be made to under stand that banks are important,.. However this emphasis on a so called global economy is flawed.  Here is the point, each country around the world should create its own economy,  trade yes, but not be dependent on some country around the world for survival.  We set ourselves up for failure by following this ideology.   The other point is this,  If the American Economy is strong internally, that does two things, it sets an example for nations around the world, plus it motivates them to be internally strong.  

Why does American elites not favor that philosophy.  Because they want power and greed.  That is exactly why we are where we are.

The hearings going on today , are a dog and pony show,. There will be no constructive results coming out of these meeting.  However , to the thinking American, knowing where all this started ,Frank,Watters,DODD  intiated this problem. Maybe this will be the first step to getting rid of them. Im hoping that there are millions of voters watching these hearings today.

Watching Balarny Frank sit up there in the Chairman’s chair, looked like he had a corn cob stuck up his butt,. How this clown has managed to stick around all these years is mind blowing.

The Tarp funds that bush , paulson, frank,dodd, gave to the banks with no strings, is interesting,.  Many of these banks did not ask for Tarp funds in the first place,.. So for congress to haul them in and throw rocks by people that live in a glass house is a bit disingenuius.

Will any of the above happen , No.   So all of this babble that is going on in Washington will accomplish nothing .

Ive said it before and here it is again,.  To fix this, America, keep doing what your doing, do not spend, do not fill up your tank , buy only necessities,. And most of all get your money out of these major banks,. Use only community banks,. Keep it local. Pull your money out of 401Ks before you loose it all.  Some I know have already lost half of their value. Its gonna get Uglier.  New York and Washington will not save this economy. Rural America will.



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