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February 9, 2009

Are you still looking for change?

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The Arizona Sentinel

Well history is repeating itself.  Obama is out flying around the country, spending 10’s of thousands of dollars , attempting to sell a so called stimulus plan.  We saw bush fly around spending millions trying to sell his flawed plan to privatize Social Security. So who were the economist, that were advising that deal.  Today Obama is in Elkhart Indiana the RV Coach capitol of the world,.. Undoubtedly a devastated market due to the melt down of the economy. I listened to part of his speech, and all I heard was , how much borrowed money  the government is going to give them.

Adding to the 10.7 trillion dollar debt by borrowing an additional 1.3 Trillion is just crazy.  Obama admitted the other day that he is not a trained economist. Good for him.  But the advise that he is listening to apparently have agendas that either he is not aware of or is party to. You decide.   But here is the problem with the stimulus package and its attempt to fix the economy,. Its really simple,… The economy over the past 8-12 years has been fraudulently propped up by the mortgage industry. And that has collapsed.  So any attempt to return our country to that level of prosperity  with another flawed economy with borrowed money will only fail again. The correction must be allowed to take place.

Not what you know but who you know.

Last week I had the misfortune of watching for the second time ,.  The Senior Enforcement officer  of the SEC , being drilled by congress.  The first time I saw her, Linda Thomsen, testify,, I had to ask myself,. how in the world did this woman get this job.  Then last week, during her testimony , I kept waiting for one of the members to flat out fire her or at a minimum demand her resignation. She reminded me of the dumb anwsers that were given by that incopetant AG Robertoooo Gonzalezzzz. Listening to those two, makes my hair hurt.    Well today , the world is a better place because Linda Thomsen is toast.  She has been replace by Mary Shapiro,,,, lets keep our fingers crossed.

One thing that keeps popping up with all these folks on the east coast is , the Club.  If Obama is going to succeed he is going to have to get out of the box. He needs to be listening to the country, not agency and department bureaucratic heads,.. Example,.  In the stimulus plan there is 700 million dollars dedicated to get this ,  Wildlife Management.  I can just see it now,,.. First they bring back the wolves , that are causing all kinds of problems in the west , and are now being seen in the mid west.  Next these idiots will be wanting to put them in city parks.  And as for foreign policy, he should run and hide from Kissinger. 

We are a county , that is being managed by some very stupid people.  Due to voters, wanting a rock star to lead them around by the ring in their nose.

To sum up ,  a false economy, propped up by borrowed money to maintain a lie,. Will only prolong the inevitable.   Tomorrow Geitner will spill the beans on his bank plan.  In my view , if he is as smart as they say he is,. He will let the bad banks fail.  Let the FDIC do its job. And let those bad bankers, flip burgers at McDonalds.  Stop rewarding failure. 

This morning I heard former Treasury Sectretary Allen Greenspans say the following.” Even if he had recognized the housing bubble for what it was , there would not have been much he could have done about it,”   Greenspan your an idiot,… All you had to do was raise the interest rates,.. It was that simple.  Even now , what we need is for the fed to raise interest rates.   If  you dont have job, if you dont have 20-25% to put down , you do not need to be in a home,.. The issue of surplus homes and qualified borrowers are two separate elements  of the problem.  Our nations economy can not be based on housing,. It must be production and manufacturing, until that returns will will be in limbo.

What we are witnessing the results of eight years of Republican failure, in motion.


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