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February 6, 2009

Who Caused this Mess?

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The Arizona Sentinel

Have you ever asked your self , ” Who Caused the mess in the first place?”  Well if your in your 20’s or 30’s, bless your heart , your probably thinking those nasty bankers on Wall Street.  If your in your 40’s or 50’s , (Sucks to be you , your gonna have to pay for all this mess)”. Your probably thinking Wall Street those pesky brokers and those mortgage brokers and bankers caused all this.  But if your in your 60’s,and 70’s you know exactly who caused all this. If your in your 80’s,90’s and up you don’t really give a damn.

But lets talk about who really did cause all this. Every issue you can think of that has gone south has started in that direction due to the Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate and every President since Roosevelt. Has played a starting roll in where we are today.

Now I ask you , with a track record like that , does anyone expect the same, institutions that started this mess to get us out of this mess?

Here is my question,. The Democrats and a good portion of Republicans got all giggly over this new fella in the White House,, when he said In Chicago that ‘Change was coming to America”. What I saw was a Baptist preacher.

Like the little ole lady said in the commercial a few years back. “Where’s the beef” ?

Well where is the beef Barry?  So far , you have almost to the letter followed in the foot steps of that fella bush.  Wanting to kill E-Verify, you’ll probably hold that out as a stick before you give any of my money to the states.  I do hope you do that,. States don’t need my money. If your going give anybody my money , give mine back to me,. I know exactly what to do with it. Buy a airplane ticket and get the hell out a here.   JK!!

Then the word is , your fool Holder is going after ammo,.  Don’t think for a minute , we don’t know how to make and load a cap and ball.  Your gonna lose that one.  When you try to turn 250 million Americans into criminals you better be on a plane back to Africa.

And your plan for amnesty. Guess what bubba, we have already stopped spending because of these corporations that want cheap labor,. If you think Americans have stopped spending now, try amnesty again.  There wont be enough tax revenue to crank up the APU on AF ONE.

I dont really blame you for wanting to waste a bunch of taxpayer dollars,. Shucks bush spent trillions, on a phony war, open borders, illegal prosecutions, foreign aid, creating agencies, and exploding government.  He only wasted what 6.5 trillion.  Your only wanting to spend 1.3. Trillion seems fair to me……

Todays paper had a article on John Kyl and John McCain, two of my favorite buffoons in the Senate,.. Both of them were going on about the stimulus . and that there should be more towards tax breaks, Knock Knock , anybody remember mccain voting against tax breaks, I do . And Kyl, talking like he knows how to fix the housing problem.  Its really embarrassing to tell people I live in Arizona.  I know I could leave,.. OOOOOOOOklahoma where the , sorry got carried away there.

So where does that leave little ole you and I.  Well lets assume that this 1.3 trillion dollars of borrowed money,, “oh they’re not sure whose gonna loan it to them yet” . But lets assume that some country with a leadership dumber than ours makes that bet.  YOU And every citizen you know will then owe,  ready  $247,000.00 , that right  TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.   If memory serves me, I owed 16,000 when bush took office. In eight years and three weeks , and two presidents,  I now owe more than I paid for my house, only 7 years ago.  So let me see if I understand this.  Since I now owe more than my house is worth. Does that mean that the Federal Government or maybe China Owns my house?? I’m thinking I should call the geniuses up at the county supervisors office and give them a change of address for this years tax bill.  Things are looking up.  Wonder what kind of sub-prime,no doc, stated income,special ARM deal I’m gonna get to refinance my countries loan.  You watch before Barry’s term is up , some democrat will come up this a scheme similar to what Ive just mentioned.

I wonder if my stimulus check will be enough to by a airplane ticket?

Trivia Question:  What does Bernard Madoff and Barry Sotero have in common???

Lets call it like it is.


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