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February 5, 2009

Great Financial News for Arizona

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Good News for Arizona

Every once in a while, not often we see some positive actions by the elected.  Arizona’s new governor armed with some fiscal conservatives have managed a budget that will reduce Arizona’s budget by 5%.  Additional cuts will follow and the estimates are that existing agencies will see their budgets cut by an additional 20%.  Result is that the welfare program otherwise called ” government employment”,  Is going to be cut back to reality. 

Arizonans should salute , our newly elected Sen Sylvia Allen, Rep Konopnicki, Russel Pearce, John Kavanaugh , none of this would have been possible without our new Governor.  Thank you Gov Brewer for sticking around long enough to make it to the top state job.

For those of you in Az  LD5,,, pay attention,.. Your Rep Jack Brown dropped the ball on this one.  We should all , email,  ,, and our Gov  at   and give them a hats off. For a job well done.  They cant hear your brains rattle,, so send them a note.

Illegal Immigration

Now as I mentioned in earlier blogs , in the coming months the open borders advocates will be working on the next amnesty bill for the Congress and the Obama administration.  There will be a lot of double speak on this issue as the months and weeks go by. 

I have placed on this site, the list of Congressmen and Senators and how they voted on the McCain Amnesty bill that we  shot down in the summer of 2007.  We will be leaving the list on the site , until we have put this issue to bed.   We are suggesting that you copy and past these names to your Works Wordprocessor ,  send them to everyone you know,.  and then draft letters using your own words to your elected in Congress , house and senate and tell them ,,, No Amnesty, period, seal the border, remove all illegal aliens from where ever.  Now  one issue that has already begun that process, is the economy.  However we  now know that there are over One million illegal alien gang members here in the country ,  they are not here for your health, so they need to be rounded up put on a old rusty tanker and give them enough fuel to reach some where in the middle of the atlantic ocean.  And send them on their way.

There will be house and senate member staffers , that over the next few months will be attempting to waste taxpayer dollars by drafting the next amnesty bill.  Careful thought will be input into that legislation to disguise amnesty, and efforts to keep the borders open.   All this is especially crutial now because of the condition of our countries economy.   We know that their are 40 million illegals that have entered this country since the Reagan Amnesty in 1986.  Those people need to leave, this country, if they want to return, there are temporary work permits to apply for if they have a sponsor. However, if we allow them back into the country , they should be tracked by ankle bracelets.  We must know where they are , what they are doing ,making sure that they are not involved with the drug trade or involved with terrorist activities,.. And that they will not be eligible for health care, maternaty or otherwise,… While they are here, Mexico will establish a fund to reimburse any medical facility for any expenses accrued.  Also a 15% tax should be assessed on any funds sent from this county back to mexico, by wire or money order.  Our economy should not the the engine of the mexican economy. 

So lets get started , take the time , write the letters, send emails and lets kill amnesty before it becomes draft.

Go to the right side of this page look for the link that says “Votes of Members McCain Amnesty bill 2007″.

and dont for get ,  let me know what your doing, and if you have any questions I will try to help.  This will be a critical issue for our kids and grand kids.    


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