The Arizona Sentinel

February 5, 2009

Border vs Employment it matters.

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The Arizona Sentinel
This morning the government released the jobs figures for 08. And they are not unexpected, First the job losses for Dec were lower than expected, however that number will be revised in Jan or Feb. Total known losses in Dec 524 thousand jobs, the unemployment rate rose to 7.2 %, that is the highest since Jan 1993. How is that significant? Because it is just a few years after Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, gave amnesty to 3 million plus illegal aliens. Revisions for Oct and Nov of 08 job losses were increased by 154 thousand over what was previously reported. Bringing the total job losses for 2008 = 2.6 million people. 1.9 million of those losses took place in just the last 4 months.
Now there are more than eleven(11) million Americans out of work . That is the highest number since June of 1983. Which was after the Fiasco of Jimmy Carter and the flood of illegals started coming across our borders.  What is significant about the 11 million number today, Well here it is folks, remember, the bubble heads in the media and the bought and paid for politicians keep telling you that there are 12 million illegal aliens here in the United States, DUH. We have 11 million unemployed, and 12 million that shouldn’t be here in the first place, And if you accept the blather that comes from the likes of McCain,Kennedy,Pelosi,Flake,Kyl,Durbin and more, they (the illegals) are only coming here to work. 
Is it just me or are bells and sirens going off in your head too.
Now here’s the deal. Over the next year, unemployment will double, I do not believe that the jobs programs that Barry is spewing will do much. Because the contractors and corporations that do those jobs will hire illegals before they hire Americans. Why , think about it. They will do what ever it takes to use ” the undocumented worker” . Obama you are going to waste a trillion dollars if you are not careful. And you will send this economy into a tail spin that will finish off the bush plan for America.
The only way you will revive this country and put it back on track , is thru the tax code. You must return previously paid taxes by American citizens directly to them. Government caused this problem, it forced us to payfor it thru taxes, we want our money back.  I personally will not spend another dime on any product, other than food,and utilities,and fuel to get there and back, until government gets its head out of its _ _ _.
Dozens of my readers have indicated that they are doing the same thing,
CNBC, asked the question this morning how low will oil go.  Im predicting that oil will fall below 30 and will not be surprised to see, 25 dollar per barrel oil. Due to the lack of demand world wide. That will be a good thing however, for the ag sector,and transportation sector, it may be the only way to keep the shelves full, providing Americans can pay for the groceries.
The bill that made its way thru the senate yesterday, gives a bankruptcy judge the ability to restructure sub prime, defaulted loans. The more these clowns in Washington meddle the worse, the long term, unintended consequence become. The details of this bill are goofy. Schummer and Durbin. They continue to deal with symptoms rather than fix the causes.
Oh well, many of you recognize that we will have to go thru the next 4 years of hell before we see any daylight.  Bottom line here, even though thousands of illegals are headed south, Thousands more are still coming across that border.  That border must be closed. Drugs,disease,anchor babies,jobs,crime,health care, education, fuel, jobs, time, border cost, and more, all of these issues are killing us simply because we (Americans) do not get the National Security we pay for and expect.
Ramos and Copean, dont give up,..


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